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Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

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Supporting unsigned artists from around the world, the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is aired on 7 radio stations around the world from the US to Hong Kong and beyond. Playing music of volume, passion, attitude and grace, the music the mainstream radio stations monopolised by the record companies won't play you. Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!
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    The Plimsouls - Now (The Plimsouls….Plus LP)

    Dany Laj and The Looks - Left Right To One (Retrospecatale LP)

    The Peawees - Road to Rock ’N’ Roll (20 Years and You still Don’t Know me LP)

    The Stooges - I wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges LP)

    The Needs - Second Love (Special Needs LP)

    Sugar Rats - Kill City (Single)

    Jim Basnight With The Rockinghams - More Than One Way (Makin’ Bacon LP)

    Mythical Motors - Crashing Waves Of Fascination (A Rare Look Ahead LP)

    Rialto - When We’re Together (Rialto LP) 1998

    Rumors - Hold Me Now (Single)

    Judge and Jury - A Place In The Sky (Single)

    The Pulsebeats - (She Sings Like) Joey Ramone (Lookin’ Out LP)

    John Leach - Put That Woman Down (Single)

    The Fantastic Fellinis - Nothing But A Heartache (Introducing The Fantastic Fellinis LP)

    Denise James - Love Has Got Mr Crying Again (It’s Not Enough To Love LP)

    Francois Premiers - Alone With You (Space Time LP)

    Mark and The Clouds - You And Me In Space (Single)

    Dirt Royal - Girl In The Shop (This Is Now LP)

    The Milkshakes - Black Sails (14 Rhythm And Beat Greats LP)

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    A selection of some of the best music made in Sweden as chosen by the Ice Cream Man, PLAY LOUD and share far!

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    Dodgy - Melodies Haunt You (Homegrown LP) 

    The Proper Ornaments - Six Lenins (Apologies LP)

    The Chocolate Watchband - Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In) (Single)

    Lolas - Dirtbag On The Run (All Rise LP)

    Dave Molter - Every Morning (It Was You LP)

    Vista Blue - I’ll Be True (Candyman) (New Nightmares EP)

    The Phantoms - I Won’t Be Around (Rocktober 2 LP) 

    Flipron - Skeletons On Holiday (Single)

    Ocean Colour Scene - The Circle (Mosley Shoals LP)

    Spygenius - Queen Of Eyes (Blow Their Covers LP) 

    The Real People - Wake Up (What’s On The B Side LP)

    Kid Gulliver - You’ll Never Know (Kismet LP)

    The Madd - I Know (Are Pretty Quick LP)

    Orbis Max - With A Girl (The Covid Collaborations 2020 - 2021 LP)

    West Coast Music Club - Thinkin’ (Single)

    The La’s - Failure  (The La’s LP)

    Surf Katz - Space Dust (Single)

    Nick Frater - What’s With Your Heavy Heart (Earworms LP)

    Ward White - Wasn’t It Here (The Tender Age LP)

    The Hawaiians - Two Headed Girlfriend (Teenagers Love LP)

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    Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind (Single)

    Rooney - Blueside (Rooney LP)

    Betamax - Un Dia’ Perfecto (El Mundo Sigue Girando LP)

    Atomic - Gimme Your Love (Single)

    Kewpid - Tunnel Of Love (Love Letters Maxi Single)

    Shake Some - So What (Single)

    Best Boys Electric - Rebellution (Rebellution EP)

    The Stan Laurels - A Million Miles High (Billi And Theodore; Music From The Motion Picture)

    The City Surfers - Beach Ball (Pebbles Vol.4 (Surf n Tunes LP)

    Kurt Baker - Should’ve Been The One (After Party LP)

    Duncan Reid And The Big Heads - To Live Or Live Not (Don’t Blame Yourself LP)

    Go Dog Go - I Still Remember When (Single)

    Nick Piunti - 13 In My Head  (13 In My Head LP)

    The Belltowers - No Reason To Cry (Magnetic LP) 

    Hyacinths - Country Kitchen (Single)

    Splitsville - Forever (The Complete Pet Soul LP)

    Squeeze - Cool For Cats (Single)

    The Well Wishers - All The Same (Shelf Life LP)

    Pony Death Ride - Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Bike (Single)

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    The Mooney Suzuki - Oh No (People Get Ready LP)

    The Maureens - Outa Sight (The Maureens LP)

    Travoltas - Let’s Go Away (Endless Summer LP)

    DM3 - One Times, Two Times Devastated (West Of Anywhere LP)

    Lolas - Storm The Heavens (All Rise LP)

    Richie Mayer - She’s Taking It Too Well (The Inn Of Temporary Happiness LP)

    Bad Teachers - Must Be Wrong (Bad Teachers 2 LP)

    Mark And The Spies - It Don’t Matter To You (Give Me A Look LP)

    Tommy Pluta - She’s Good (Breathe LP)

    It’s Karma, It’s Cool - She Slept With The Radio On (Single)

    The Most - It’s Alright (Beat Beat Boom LP)

    Swansea Sound - Rock And Roll Void (Live At The Rum Puncheon LP)

    The Heartdrops - ’95 (Three Songs EP)

    Lunatics On Pogosticks  - Waste It (Leave Your Worries At Home, They’ll be there when you Get Back LP)

    The Nerves - When You Find Out (Single)

    The Conquerors - Too Good To Be True (Wylde Time LP)

    The Overtures - TIll Your Luck Runs Out (Once In A World LP)

    Andrew Taylor And The Harmonizers - When I Don’t Understand  (Andrew Taylor And The Harmonizers LP)

    The French Pop Dream - All Over Paris (Single)

    Griffy - Proximity (St Astronaut LP)

    Heavenly - Cut Off (Operation Heavenly LP)

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    The Seeds - Can’t Seem To Make You Mine (Single)

    Blain Campbell and The California Sound - Shoutin’ Don’t Count (Under The Tidal Wave LP)

    Joe Sullivan - Time Machine (Growing Up Schlockstar LP)

    The Jam - Going Underground (Single)

    Ward White - On Foot (The Tender Age LP)

    Cindy Malone - Is It Over Baby (Single)

    Men Of North Country - Let’s Get Away (This City LP)

    The Boolevards - I can’t Make Up My Mind (Real Pop Remix LP)

    Scott Gagner - 1977 (BloodMoon LP)

    Gavin Eimerman - Losing Ground (Single)

    Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend (Girlfriend LP)

    The Toms - Hang On (Tomplicated LP)

    A.C.Newman - Miracle Drug (The Slow Wonder LP)

    Juniper - Kids On My Corner (Juniper LP)

    Petrified Max - My Dancing Trees (Single)

    The Brothers Steve - Wizard Of Love (Dose LP)

    Ed Ryan - Fish In The Sea (Don’t Follow LP)

    Cancel The Astronauts - I am The President Of Your Fanclub (Single)

    Droids Osaka - I Don’t Like You (Droids Osaka LP)

    Len Price 3 - Nothing I Want (Kentish Longtails LP)

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    The Vapors - News At Ten (New Clear Days LP)

    Mr Magoo - In The Name Of The Father (Hidden Port LP)

    The Brothers Steve - Next Aquarius (Dose LP)

    The 13th Floor Elevators - You’re Gonna Miss Me (The Psychedelic Sounds Of LP)

    Professor and The Madman - Time Machine (Se’ance LP)

    The Pink Spiders - Going Steady (Hot Pink LP) 

    Ken Sharp - Hellcat (Single)

    Abbie Barret - I Will Let You Know (Single) 

    Stupidity Feat. Keith Strang - Magical Girl (Single)

    The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man (Doolittle LP)

    Owsley - I’m Alright (Owsley LP)

    Small Town Sindrome - Too Far Gone (It Only Get’s Worse LP)

    Subterfuge - The Snake Wife (Single)

    Kid Gulliver - Stupid Little Girl (Single) 

    The Chelsea Curve - 7000 Hours (Single)

    The Brothers Steve - Griffith Observatory (Dose LP)

    Women Of The Night - Dark Horsey (Sub Rosa LP)

    New York Dolls - Trash (Single)

    Ian Bailey - This Is Not A Feeling (Songs To Dream Along To LP)

    Danny McDonald - Cordyline (Single)

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    The Specials - Little Bitch (The Specials LP)

    Garlands - You Say You Know What You Don’t Want (Animals EP)

    The Resonars - The Man Who Does Nothing (No Exit LP)

    The Trend - Tune Me In (Single)

    Muck And The Mires - Slipping Away (Quarantine Age Kicks LP)

      Pablo Matisse - I Will Follow You To The Dark (Single) Death Cab For Cutie

    Stephen’s Ruin - Tonight (Single)

    Let’s Pop - Cumples Uno Mas (Aquel Verano LP)

    Oceanography - McAvoy O’Hara (Thirteen Songs About Driving Nowhere In Alphabetical Order LP)

    The Frank And Walters - Colours (Grand Parade LP)

    Marveline - Turpentine (Savoury Toothed Tiger LP)

    Splitsville - Yearbook (Ultrasound LP)

    The Gants - I Wonder (Single)

    Missing Bees - Blood Service (Blood Service EP)

    The Cheap Cassettes -  Endless Summer Ends (Rocktober II  Free Digital Sampler Rum Bar Records)

    Gospel Beach - Hangin’ On (Another Summer Of Love LP)

    The Decibels - This Bad Dream  (Scene Not Heard LP)

    The Successful Failures - Where Were You (Saratoga LP)

    Nick Eng - Too Good For Anyone (Long Shot LP) You Are The Cosmos Records

    The Vanjas - Blast Off (The Vanjas Sing And Play Rock And Roll LP)

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    Supporting new and unsigned bands alongside some classics, please show your support for the bands and the show by sharing, it is very much appreciated by all.

    The Alarm - 68 Guns (Single)

    Jonny Magus and The Bursting Bubbles - Melody Delight (Single)

    Star Collector - Stranger (Renting Space In My Head) (Game Day LP)

    The Lunar Laugh -The Old New Kid In Town (Nighthawks LP)

    The Dell-Vetts - Ram Charger (Pebbles Vol.4 (Surf N Tunes).

    The Amplifier Heads - Glamorama (Single)

    Kerosene Stars - Law Of Resistance (Single)

    The Telephone Boxes - Lazytime (Single)

    The Harmony Motel - Left Turn On 5 Forks (Topical Depression LP)

    Teenage Fanclub - Warm Embrace (Endless Arcade LP)

    The See No Evils - Feed Your Mind (Out Of The Shadows LP)

    High On Stress - Hold Me In (Relax LP)

    The Dictators - Stay With Me (Blood Brothers LP)

    The Misfits - Where Eagles Dare (Single)

    The Ormidales - Strangers After All (Single)

    Frank Black - Headache (Teenager Of The Year LP)

    The Lyres - I Confess (On Fyre LP)

    65MPH - Flouride (Single)

    The Pride And Joy - Girl (Single)

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    MG & The Escorts - A Someday Fool (Single)

    Mark Britton - Let’s Get Famous (Odds And Sodd LP)

    The Speed Of Sound - Smokescreen (Museum Of Tomorrow LP) 

    Miles Kane - Rearrange (Colour Of The Trap LP)

    Lunatics On Pogosticks- Searching For Sunshine (Leave Your Worries At Home, They’ll Still be There When You Get Back There LP)

    Doublepluspop - Stumbling Back (Too Loud Too Fast Too Much LP) Kool Kat

    Mansfield - We Suffer In Silence (Star Crossed Lovers LP)

    It’s Karma It’s Cool - Coffee Cup Circles (Single)

    Poploader - Summerboy Blues (Single)

    Atomic - Monkey Fingers (Accident Man Film Soundtrack LP)

    The Peawees - I Wanna Dance With You (Single)

    The Kowalskis - I Love You Baby But Hate Your Friends (XOXOXO Vol.1 LP)

    The Churchill Garden - Grounded (Single)

    Freddie Dilevi . Damned Love (In The Light Of A New Day LP)

    The Right Here - Here We Go Again (Single)

    The Bobby Fuller Four - Magic Touch (Single)

    Dan Markell - Carried Away (Single)

    Richard Turgeon - Goodbye To Summer (Campfire Songs LP)

    Anton Barbeau - I Been Thinking ‘Bout You (Oh The Joys We Live For LP)

    The Rubinoos - The Girl (Garage Sale LP)

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