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Track History

    DJ Swamp Beast

    Genre Rock
    City Gondwana
    Country Gondwana
    Years active Since the Mesozoic Era



    The result of a scientific experiment that went wrong, DJ Swamp Beast is DJ and producer for the “lizard surf” band The Zillatones.

    Name: DJ Swamp Beast

    DOB: Carbon dating suggests the Mesozoic Era

    Origin: Gondwana

    First album purchased: The Ventures in Space

    Best track: Cave Beat, The Terrorsaurs

    Favourite Artists: The Huaraches, The Tsunamibots, Marshall & the Martins, Tiki Creeps, Tangerine Dream

    Likes: surf, trash, lo-fi, blues, jazz, titty shakers, exotica, obscure tunings

    Dislikes: pollution, poor personal hygiene, Dido

    Will turn radio off for: Techno, happy hardcore, rave, europop, commercial stuff

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