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Knock Off - One Life

9fa54d719a Knock Off - One Life - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Knock Off are back today the first video from their upcoming 4th album. The 80's influenced London punk 3 piece feature Andy T (vocals/guitar), Andy C

(drums) and Lozz (bass). They formed in 2013 and with 65 songs already recorded I guess it's fair to call them prolific.You can check out their back catalogue here :

As well as being prolific on record, they're also regular gig players and you can check all their dates for the rest of the year (including a return to the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool here :

The album, titled You Get One Life, will feature 14 street punk anthems on both cd and vinyl (500 copies, a choice of various colours) and is available via Sunny Bastards

This track is called One Life...

I’m not the past, I’m not the future Take it or leave it, Do whatever suits ya Play silly games, Win silly prizes You fucked it up, There’s no surprises You had it all, But then you lost it You had your warning, But you ignored it Some people will, Some people won’t You either do it, Or you don’t One Life Two Choices Freedom for me Forever more


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