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dd67872ecc Kicker - Wankers On The Bus - RADIOLANTAU.COM

dd67872ecc Kicker - Wankers On The Bus - RADIOLANTAU.COM

In these days of political correctness where it seems necessary to be careful what you say it can sometimes jar a little when you hear a

punk band singing "don't want to know about the problems in your head, people like you should be better off dead, bus station looney fucking parasite, tweak all day, awake all night..." Most bands would be dealing out tea and sympathy but Kicker have been around the block a few times, their old school enough to come out with a simple bit of advice, "sit down, shut up, don't make a fucking fuss." Imagine if Crass hadn't been so much into politics and instead preferred to wander through life taking the piss....

Kicker are from Oakland, formed in 2010 and feature Pete The Roadie (vocals), Matt Parrillo (guitar), Dave Edwardson (bass) and Dave Mello (drums). As the sticker on the new lp says, pure punk rock from Pete The Roadie backed by members of Neurosis, Dystopia and Operation Ivy.

They've just released a new album titled Pure Drivel and it's refreshingly retro, it's punk for old gits. It kicks off with a song called Good Evening, finishes with one called Goodnight And Fuck Off and has a tasty filling of psychotic maths teachers, shit songs, quotes from ancient kit kat adverts! and chronic insomnia. Check it out here :

Here's a song about the people you don't want to have sit next to you on public transport, it's called Wankers On The Bus...

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