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88b3398738 Freak Genes - Nothing In Between Us - RADIOLANTAU.COM

88b3398738 Freak Genes - Nothing In Between Us - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Charlie Murphy has already appeared on here this year with his band Internal Credit ( and he returns today with a song from the new album

by his band Freak Genes. A duo, as well as Charlie there's Andrew Anderson (Hipshakes/Proto Idiot), this is their third album (following on from Playtime and Qwak Qwak) so not unreasonably it's titled 111. It's available from the ever reliable Drunken Sailor Records.
Vinyl :


They're pitching the album as garage rock meets Gary Numan and also throwing names into the mix such as Wire, DAF, The Units, Flying Lizards and Lodger-era Bowie. What you get are 12 playful and inventive synth pop songs that are a joy to delve into. Quirky and unconventional, there's plenty of repeat play value.

They've released a video for the song Waxing Moon ( but I've decided to highlight a different one today.

This song would have probably been a Top 40 smash if it had been released before the charts went to shit. It's called Nothing In Between Us...

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