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Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

1662437_603030319820142_6689507823941703046_n Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More - RADIOLANTAU.COM

You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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    Trip Wire - I'm Not The Enemy (Cold Gas Giants LP) The Allrightniks - Another Lonely Night (4 Song EP) Monkey Union - Union Of The Monkey (Single) Magpie - Daisy Paints Her Fingers (Picasso On A Log LP) Daniel Wylie's Cosmis Rough Riders - Full Moon On The River (Scenery For Dreamers LP) Tommy Lorente - Sexe Luxe Etc (Single) Iguana Death Cult - Voodoo Mirror (The First Stirrings Of Hideous Insect Life LP) Love Dolls - Juicy Lucy (Single) Walker Brigade - Choker (Walker Brigade LP) Råttanson - Rejection Hurts (Full Scale Shakeability LP) The Bookends - A Girl Like Me (Single) Proper - Lucky Things (To The Point LP) The Bopp - This One's For You (Power My Pop LP) Captain Storm - All The Words She Said (On The Waterfront LP) The Seasongs - Ingratitud (Dias Y Noches EP) El Mapache - As Long As It Lasted (Asexual Tribute LP) Alrighters - Where Do We Go (Single) Surfin' Lungs - The Girl With The Joey Ramone Tattoo (Surf Factor 8 LP) Young Francis - Short Hair Girl (Teenage Sensation Mini LP)
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    Arvidson and Butterflies - Blanks Season (EP) Pink Beam - Wrote Me A letter (Single) Thrift Store Halo - Let's Not Wait (Pop Rocket EP) Vista Blue - Dreaming Of Me (Here To Stay EP) Psychotic Youth - Goodbye Girl (The Voice Of Summer LP) The Duke Of Surl - Ham Radio (Ham Radio LP) Chrissy Rafferty - Jennifer Says ( far!) Blondie - Doom Or Destiny (Pollinator LP) Popguns - A Beaten Up Guitar (Sugar Kisses LP) Len Price 3 - Childish Words (Kentish Longtails LP) Rob Clarke And The Wooltones - Jump In My Igloo (Single) Smart Patrol - Suburb Sunday (Overage Underachievers LP) Mattiel - Baby Brother (Mattiel LP) The Parson Redheads - Today Is The Day (Blurred Harmony LP) Sister John - Sister John's Dream (Returned From Sea LP) Fascinations Grand Chorus - Wait (Single) Tahiti Douchebag - Eskimo (Monoii LP) The Brixton Riot - Maybe Tomorrow (Close Counts LP) Wide Hips 69 - Serial Wanker (The Gang Bang Theory LP) First Base - Eastchester Avenue (Not That Bad LP) The Regrettes - Lacy Loo (Feel Your Feelings Fool LP) The Safes - Hometown (Tasty Waves LP)
  3. itunes pic
    Duncan Reid & The Big Heads - Bombs Away (Bombs Away LP) The Smart Folk - Do You Know What The Smart People Know (A Sunny Afternoon At The Zoo LP) La Panther Happens - My Haunted Life (For The Night Crawlers LP) Lenya - Song To The Other Girl (The Hatch LP) Ivory Williams - Sweet Companion (Single) Gareth Rhys - Don't Walk Away From Me (Single) Tommy And The Rockets - HeyDaisy (Rock 'N' Roll Wrecking Machine EP) Colin's Godson - (Love In The Time Of Colin's Godson EP) The Stanleys - What Are We Gonna Do (The Stanleys LP) Ian Person - Great Divide (Exit Highway Of Light LP) Ed Ryan - Rocket Ship (Furious Mind LP) Gunboat Diplomats - She Said (Fine State Of Affairs LP) Caper Clowns - Pockets (The Buca Bus LP) Los Padrinos - Pop Matters (Lo Que Vendra LP) Kurt Baker Combo - Rusty Nail (In Orbit LP) The Popravinas - She's Going South (California Sonic LP) Spygenius - The Friendly Stars That Shine (Pace'phale LP) The Bishops Daredevil Stunt Club - Sweetest Song (Don't Buy This Record LP) Biters - Gypsy Rose (The Future Ain't What It Used To Be LP)
  4. itunes pic
    Charm Bag - Purple Sun (From Hell LP) Shonen Knife - All I want For Xmas (Single) Thee Wylde Fuzz Show - Out In The Wylde (The Cortina Of Fuzz EP) Marys Kids - The Shit Meridian (Don't Back Down EP) Beluga Blank Pages - High Flyer (Before Your Summer Fades LP) Richard Turgeon - Creeper (Single) Tim Wheeler and Emmy The Great - Christmas Day (I Wish I was Surfing) (Single) Ted Bovis - Anolog Bombs (Lower State Of Conciousness LP) The Feelies - Nobody Knows (Here Before LP) The Why Oh Whys - Without You I'm Nothing (Single) Taylor Mac - Never Wanted You (Single) Russian Winter Records The Popravinas - Christmas In Jail (Single) The Bookends - A Girl Like Me (Single) The Specials - You're Wondering Now (Specials LP) Magpie - Daisy Paints Her Fingers (Picasso On A Log LP) The Regrettes - I Don't Like You (Feel Your Feelings Fool LP) Shake Some Action - Bang Bang (Crash Through Or Crash LP) The Snails - Overflow (Dr Acid LP) Bandcamp Somerdale - Merry Christmas Time (Single) The Charlie Watts Riots - The Christmas Fit (Single)
  5. itunes pic
    Roger And The Gypsies - Pass The Hatchet (Single) The Laynes - Goodbye Lenny (Come On Board LP) The Norvins - She Was Gone (Turnin' Around With....LP) The Smithereens - Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Especially For You LP) Vista Blue - There's A Star (Christmas Sounds EP) David Brookings and The Average Lookings - Time To Go (Self Titled LP) Fuzzy Vox - Eyes On You (Ba-Da-Boom EP) Hop On Pop - This Ain't No Race (One By One LP) Pseudonym - Foreign Talk (Pack Of Lies LP) Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army - Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army (Single) The Transmitters - Christmas Lights The Weaklings - Revolution Wonderland (single) Squeeze - Another Nail In My Heart (Single) Family Jools - American Dream (Single) Kevin Lee & The Kings - On Top Of The World (Sticks And Stones LP) Ramones - She's The One (Hey Ho Let's Go Anthology LP) The Alrightniks - I'm In Love With You (4 Song EP) Brom Bones - The Victim (Get Down Stay Down LP) The Unswept - The Boy Who Wakes You Up (EP) Pink Beam - This Is Where I'm From (Big Vacation LP) Wayne James & The List Of Names - We All Need Someone To Love (Single)
  6. itunes pic
    #220 Reigning Monarchs - Fanfare For The Well Dressed Man (The Reigning Monarchs LP) Dany Laj and The Looks - Sweet Pretender (Alive and Kicking LP) The Hounds - Call Me (The Album We Never Made LP) The Hum Hums - She's The Only One (Skimmer The Hum Hums LP) The Jac - A Petty Xmas (Parts 1 and 2) (Single) Vanilla - Let's Call It A Day (Single) Mikah Wilson - Sweet Jules (Single) Teenage Fanclub - Neil Jung (Grand Prix LP) The Britemores - Here I stand (Single) Doojip - Would I lie To You (Single) Gift Horse - Revolution #11 (Revolution #11 LP) The Lemonaids - My Heart Went Pop (Sugar Bomb EP) Wide Hips 69 - Parrot Man (The Gang Bang Theory LP) The Why Oh Whys - Hoochie (Single) Tommy Keene - On The Runway (Ten Years After LP) Stupidity - She Said (Move LP) The Stems - She's Fine (Children Of Nuggets LP) The Smart Folk - Quiet Fridays In (A Sunny Afternoon At The Zoo LP) The Reaction - Dawn & Out (Single) The Lyres - Buried Alive (The Early Years 1979 - 1983 LP) The Wellingtons - Freak Out (Heading North For The Winter LP)
  7. itunes pic
    #219 Smart Patrol - Suburb Sunday (Overage Underachievers LP) (Germany) RAF - Ready, Steady Go (Tonight) (Come On LP) Proper - Beg To Differ (To The Point LP) The Speedlights - Out Of Sorts (Night Driver LP) Worlds Apart - Blue Skies (Change My Grey Skies To Blue LP) The Prisoners - I am The Fisherman (The Last Fourfathers LP) The Britemores - Fade Away (Single) Clockwise - Sugar-Coat It (This Is Now and....Then LP) Dan Vapid - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Ice Cream (All Wound Up LP) Las Kasettes - Verano En La Azotea (Bajo El Sol LP) Mattiel - Not Today (Mattiel LP) The Mynd Set - Are You Ready (Are You Ready EP) Orbis Max - What's It All About (Single) Radiohearts - No More (Daytime Man EP) Sir Bald Diddley and His Ripcurls - Wax and Shine (Flip Your Wig LP) French Semester - Paradise (Open Letter To The Dissapointed LP) Smart Patrol - Would You Like To Be A Popstar (Overage Underachievers LP) The Smoggers - You Can Listen (Single) Talk Show Host - I hate Men, I hate All Men (Single) Attic LIghts - Send Those Dark Eyes This Way (Friday Nights Lights LP)
  8. itunes pic
    Billy Ocean - Love Really Hurts without You (single) Chrissy Rafferty . Country Kitchen (Unamed Lp track) The Connection - Think It Over (Just For Fun LP) Jonny Magus and The Bursting Bubbles - Melody Delight (Single) The Cult Collective - Speed Dial (Single) Wide Hips 69 - Serial Wanker (The Gang Bang Theory LP) Wonkavision - The Coolest Hot Fun Sweet Girl In The World (Wonkavision LP) Phenomenal Cat - The Monochrome Room (Pop Wasteland LP) The Classmates - Animals (Between The Lines LP) El Mapache - I Didn't Know (Asexual Tribute LP) The Who - I'm A Boy (Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy LP) The Condors - Matter Of Fact (Joie De Vivre LP) First Base - Eastchester Avenue (Not That Bad LP) The La's - Faliure (The La's LP) Mike Daly and The Planets - Kill A Clown (No, Not Really) (Mike Daly and The Planets LP) Fuzzy Vox - Eyes On You (Ba Da Boom EP) Weezer - (If you're wondering if I want you to) I Want You To. (Raditude LP) The Newds - Best Drawing A Line (Single) Caddy - The Good Ones (Single) The Vikings - Rock All (The Best Head Ever LP)
  9. itunes pic
    #217 Bedazzled - Stageshow Day (Sugarfree LP) The Telsestons - After Intro (Poseidon Knows LP) The Leopards - 57 Chevvy (Kansas City Slickers LP) Prima Donna - Staring Daggers (Bless This Mess LP) How Many Beans Make Five - Learning To Keep My Mouth Shut Los Padrinos - La Pinta Completa (Lo Que Vendra LP) Pink Beam - Vitamins (Big Vacation LP) Fountains Of Wayne - Fire In The Canyon (Welcome Interstate Managers LP) The Pinkees - Danger Games (Single) Steve Ramone - Sunny Day (Single) Solarflairs - Asleep by Midnight (Single) Råttanson - Light Summer Nights (Råttanson LP) Locksley - That's The Way We Go (Locksley LP) Skaciety - Yesterdays News (Single) The Tomboys - Always After You (Single) Annexe The Moon . Ever Meaning Less (Single) Pink Beam - Jamie (Big Vacation LP) Proper - Beg To Differ (To The Point LP) 65 MPH - DNR (Single)
  10. itunes pic
    #216 The Clash - Should I stay Or Should I Go (Single) Tahiti Douchebag - Right (Monoi LP) Rooney - No, Wait, But Listen, I'm Talking To You (Plug It In EP) The Bitch Boys - Rockin' Rebel (Ride The First Wave LP) The Bite - Old White Money (Single) B side Chords Maybe Tomorrow, from Barcelona. Satans Little Helpers - I'm In Love (Another Girl LP) Frank & Walters (Feat. Cillian Murphy) - Stages (Songs For The Walking Wounded LP) Somerdale - Don't You Know (Maggie Says It Again LP) Thee Fuzz War - Bobo In Paradise (Emporium And Overdose LP) P76 - Postcard From Bondi (Single) Richard Turgeon - Look Away (Single) The Stanleys - What Are We Gonna Do (The Stanleys LP) The Regrettes - I Don't Like You (Feel Your Feelings Fool LP) The Trip Takers - Don't Care About Them (The Trip Takers EP) Ed Ryan - Rocket Ship (Furious Minds LP) Popincourt - Tonight At Noon (Single) Teenage Cancer Trust Sweden - Back Again (Single) The Shoutalouds - The One Who Sings Doesn't Mean No Harm (Single) The Safes - Hometown (Tasty Waves LP) The Trip Takers . Someone Else (The Trip Takers EP) Jerry Hull - Tally Ho Missus Bigglesworth (Single)


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