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    Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

    You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

    Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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      #202 The Hum Hums - London (Back To Front LP) Radiohearts - Wasting Time (Daytime Man EP) The Thanes - That's The Story Of Your Life (Evolver LP) The Prisoners - Whenever I'm Gone (In From The Cold LP) Vista Blue - Dreaming Of You (Depeche Mode Cover) (Here to Stay LP) The Supernaturals - Sheffield Song (Single) The Popguns - Gene Machine (Sugar Kisses LP) The Regrettes - A Living Human Girl (Feel Your Feelings Fool! LP) Iguana Death Cult - Voodoo Mirror (The First Stirrings Of Hideous Insect Life LP) Len Price 3 - Childish Words (Kentish Longtails LP) Nightmen - Velvet Curtains (Can't Avoid Success LP) Blondie - Doom Or Destiny (Pollinator LP) Benjamin Gibbard - Metal Baby (Bandwagonesque LP) The Penetrators - What They Said They Would (Legacy LP) Kurt Baker Combo - Ugly Way To Be (In Orbit LP) The Walker Brigade - Lovers Of Today (Therapy Animal LP) The Popguns - A Beaten Up Guitar (Sugar Kisses LP) The New Pornographers - Collosseums (Whiteout Conditions LP) The Unswept - The Boy Who Wakes You Up (Fake It EP) Len Price 3 - Pocketful Of Watches (Kentish Longtails LP)
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      Pony Death Ride Featuring The Schizophonics - Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Bike (Single) The Snails - Overflow (Single) The Cool Whips - Splash (Baddies LP) The Hussys - Shop Dummies (Japanese Grafitti LP) Glenn Robinson - Everybody! (Unimpressed LP) The Strawberry Mynd - Stand By You (Hidden EP) Rollin' Machine - Friday Forever (Single) The Downbeat 5 - Outcast (Victory Motel LP) Duncan Reid and The Bigheads - C'Mon Josephine (Bombs Away LP) The Evanstones - Mr Burns (Music From The Last Band On Earth LP) The Rationales - Ready To Go (Upstream LP) Andrew Taylor - Who We Really Are (From The Outside Looking In LP) Lesley Gore - Maybe I Know (Single) Worlds Apart - So This Is Paradise (Single) The Kinks - So Mystifying (The Kinks LP) BMX Bandits (With Dr Cosmos Tape Lab) - It's In Her Eyes (It's In Her Eyes LP) The Hazey Janes - After All (The Hazey Janes LP) The Gunboat Diplomats - We'll Walk Away (Fine State Of Affairs LP) Frank And Walters - Indie Love Song (Greenwich Mean Time LP) The Primitives - Squeak and Squawk (New Thrills LP) The Field Mice - Emma's House (Single)
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      #200 Thrift Store Halo - Save Me From Myself (Pop Rocket EP) High On Stress - Windy City Endings (Greatest Hits LP) The Connection - Get Out Of Denver (Just For Fun LP) Råttanson - Rejection Hurts (Full Scale Shakeability LP) The Shameless Idols - Harried Man (Single) Gary Ritchie - I'll Be There (Pop Radio LP) The Parson Red Heads - Today Is The Day (Blurred Harmony LP) The Hum Hums - She Won't Spread It (Back To Front LP) Leadfoot Tea - Coronet Hemi (Coronet Hemi LP) The Norvins - Here I am I always am (Turnin' Around With.... LP) Lovin' Spoonful - You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (Kama Sutra Box Set LP) The Rubinoos - The Girl (Garage Sale LP) The Carousels - Wishing Well (Sail Me Home St Claire LP) The Somersault Boy - Come On Feel The Misery (Come On Feel The Misery LP) The Buzz - Smithereens (Summer Of 17 EP) Green Circles - Elevator Operator (No Room For Squares LP) Surfin Lungs - Not That Kind Of Girl (Surf Factor 8 LP) The Space Agency - Surfers Guitar (Single) Toby Twirl - Love Is Love (Single) Mega Dodo records Richard Turgeon - I Don't Need You (In Between The Spaces LP) The Bye Bye Blackbirds - Alfred Starr Hamilton (Take Out The Poison LP) The Beginners Mynd - Don't Lose Your Mind (Don't Lose Your Mind LP) Love Dolls - Juicy Lucy (Single)
    4. itunes pic
      Surfin Lungs - The Girl With The Joey Ramone Tattoo (Surf Factor 8 LP) The Above - The Girl With The Peacock Tattoo (Single) The Zags - Tattoo (Single) Fountains Of Wayne - Red Dragon Tattoo (Utopia Parkway LP) Captain Storm - Waterfront (On The Waterfront LP) The Nuclears - One Day You Might (Single) Building Rockets - Unsong (Ice Cream Mix) (Single) Daniel Wylies Cosmic Rough Riders - I hear You Call My Name (Scenery For Dreamers LP) Robyn Gibson - She Dazzled Me With Basil (Bob Of The Pops Vol.2 LP) The Rizzos - Suckitude (Single) Somerdale - Say It Again (Maggie Says It Again LP) Battered Suitcases - Normal (Oblivion LP) Theatre Royal - Is That For You (Single) Nezrok - Andy Please (Single) The Braincoats - Falling Outta Love (Single) The Duke Of Surl - Hey Judy (Ham Radio LP) Protex - Truth (Tightrope LP) Talk Show Host - We're Not Here To Make Friends (Not Here To Make Friends LP) Dream Nails - DIY (Single) Krod Records Vista Blue - Rhythm Of The Rain (Here To Stay EP)
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      #198 The Trypt - April Fabb (Single) Detour Records Råttanson - Going Uptown (Full Scale Shakeability LP) Las Kasettes - Haz El Mongol (Bajo El Sol LP) The Dirtbombs - Chains Of Love (Ultraglide In Black LP) The Detroit Cobras - Cha Cha Twist (Mink, Rat Or Rabbit LP) The Green Pajamas - Ten Million Light Years Away (Single) Love Minus Zero - Mary Says (Single) The Deathray Davies - They Stuck Me In a Box In The Ground (PT.7) -(The Kick and The Snare LP) Barely Pink - Sixteens Gone (Last Day Of Summer LP) The Brittanicas - Real World Time (You are The Cosmos Compilation) The Hussys - The Thrill (Super Pro LP) Sam Lambeth - I Wasted It (Single) Bryan Estepa - Rattled and Rolled (Single) The Smart Folk - I can Go Places (A Sunny Afternoon at The Zoo LP) The Jam - That's Entertainment (Single) Ian Person - Great Divide (Exit Highway Of Light LP) Bullet Proof Lovers - All I Want (Shot Through The Heart LP) Wyldlife - Teenage Heart (Out On Your Block LP) Lumps - Henry (Curses LP)
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      Angie from the "Cat Beast Party" gives you an hour of Cat beast treats!
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      Jörgen ICM Cover #196 1. The Krispies ñ On the radio / 2. Moon martin ñ Pushed around / The very best of 3. The Rubinoos ñ Arqade queen / Live in Japan 4. Makiní Time ñ Take what I can get / Ready steady go (compilation) 5. Dwight Twilley ñ Iím back again / Scuba divers 6. Psychotic Youth ñ The voice of summer / The voice of summer 7. Bram Tchailovsky ñ Turn on the light / Strange man, changed man 8. The Yum Yums ñ Too good to be true / Anything that rhymes with baby 9. DB Cooper ñ Had enough / Buy American 10. Magnus Lindberg ñ Tiden bara rinner iv‰g / Rˆda l‰ppar 11. Kurt Baker Combo ñ Donít go falling in love (live) / private recording 12. The Johnny Average Band ñ Ch ch Cherie / Some people 13. The Aís ñ Grounded / The A's 14. Rox ñ Thatís what your girlfriend say / Ddddddddance 15. The Fools ñ Night out / Sold out 16. Ellen Foley ñ Stupid girl / Nightout 17. Tuff Darts ñ Whoís been sleeping here / Tuff Darts 18. Genya Ravan ñ Stubborn kinda girl /...And I mean it! 19. Paul Collins, Kurt baker Combo, Psychotic Youth & Yum Yums ñ Walking out on love (live) / private recording
    8. itunes pic
      CTE COVER #195 Cotton Mather - Pledge (Wild Kingdom LP) The Anderson Council - Pretty people (The Fall Parade LP) The Vaccines - Noorgard (What Did You Expect From The Vaccines LP) The Forty Nineteens - Dance With Me (Rebooted LP) Rob Clarke And The Wooltones - Shilling For The Gas (Single) The Phenomenal Cats - Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands (The New Sell Out LP) The Fleshtones - Alright (Do You Swing LP) Kurt Baker - I've Done Everything For You (Two Classic Albums LP) Moby Grape - Omaha (Love is The Song We Sing, San Francisco Nuggets LP) The Troggs - With A Girl Like You (British Invasion 63-67 LP) The Blue Magoos - (We Aint Got) Nothin' Yet (Nuggets Artyfacts From The first Psychadelic era LP) The Len Price 3 - Sailor's Sweetheart (Rentacrowd LP) The Tattle Tales - Anymore Amen (Moon Glasses LP) The Helacopters - Put Out The Fire (Rock & Roll Is Dead LP) The Everyday Things - I've Got My Eye On You (Lighten Up Frances LP) The Atlantics - New Identity (Atlantics LP) The Turnback - A Place For Me (Are We There Yet LP) The Regrettes - Juicebox Baby (Feel Your Feelings Fool LP) Suzy And Los Quattro - Here We Go Again (Faster And Louder LP) Baby Shakes - Running Through The Night (Starry Eyes LP) Magic Eight Ball - Losing My Faith In Human Nature (Last Of The Old Romantics LP) Vista Blue - Muffins For Breakfast (Summers Over EP) Filthy Friends - Editions Of You (Any Kind Of Crowd LP) The Sunnyboys - Trouble In My Brain (Our Best Of LP) The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Distorted Child (Communion LP)
    9. itunes pic
      #194 The Undertones - There Goes Norman (Unreleased) Colin's Godson - Let's Destroy The Thatcher Brain (Colin's Godson In Space LP) Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians Of The British Empire - He's Making A Tape (Thatchers Children LP) Biters - Melody For Lovers (It's Ok To Like Biters LP) From Atlanta Råttanson - Rejection Hurts (Full Scale Shakeability LP) New The Bookends - A Girl Like Me (EP Single) Prima Donna - Puta, Te Amo (Bless This Mess LP) California Snow Story - Her Ocean Airport (Single). Building Rockets - Unsong (Ice Cream Mix) (Single) Tiny Animals - Up, Up And Away (Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On LP) Richard Turgeon - Bigfoots An Alien (In Between The Spaces LP) The Neighbourhoods - Yeah You (The High Hard One LP) The Malibus - Cry (Back From The Grave Vol.1 LP) The Len Price 3 - Keep Your Eyes On Me (Pictures LP) Råttanson - Transylvania Nights (Full Scale Shakeability LP) Cola Jet Set - Lo Mejor Esta Por Llegar (Lo Mejor Esta Por Llegar LP) Proper - Lucky Things (To The Point LP) The Bookends - Far Away But Around (EP) The Bopp - This One's For You (Power My Pop LP) Baby Scream - In A Picture (The Strange Flowers Vs Baby Scream LP) Picnic Tool - Einstein (Single) BMX Bandits - Life Without You (BMX Bandits Forever LP) Elefant Records
    10. itunes pic
      El Mapache - As Long As It Lasted (Asexual Tribute LP) Norway Fast Cars - Mr Soul (Rarebits LP) Buffalo Springfield cover Idle Talk - Against It All (Single) Kurt Baker Combo - Rusty Nail (In Orbit LP) Duncan Reid And The Big Heads - I Can Fly (Bombs Away LP) Radiohearts - No More (Daytime Man EP) Searching For Sylvia - The Ladder (Look At How Far LP) The Faithful Brothers - Downtown, Uptown (Single) The Lamplighters - I Got No Soul (Soda Pop Soul LP) Disconnected Genius - Quietly Into The Night (Nirvikapla Meow LP) Proper - Three Times (To The Point LP) Captain Crunch and The Bunch - Tu Non Puoi (Crimine Beat LP) Dirt Royal - Waiting For The Radio (Single) The Crooks - Modern Boys (At Carnaby Street LP) Travis Pike & The Brattle Street East - Watch Out Woman (Single) State Records The Sighs - No Caroline (What Goes On LP) Proper - Together (To The Point LP) The Neptunes - Julianne (Godfish/Hydrophobia LP) The Seasongs - Ingratitud (Dias Y Noches EP) Clifford Records Mad Caddies - Monkeys (Duck And Cover LP)


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