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Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

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You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

Supporting unsigned artists from around the world, the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is aired on 7 radio stations around the world from the US to Hong Kong and beyond. Playing music of volume, passion, attitude and grace, the music the mainstream radio stations monopolised by the record companies won't play you. Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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    #282 Fountains Of Wayne - Small Favours (Outta State Plates LP) I Was A King - Norman Bleik (Single) Ivan Beecroft - She Said (Whatever LP) Humble Pie - Heartbeat (Town & Country LP) 1969 Phylis Johnson - Foolish Girl (Single) The Marvelettes - Way Over There (Single) Ashes For Dreams - Freeloader (Single) Caper Clowns - Second To None (Single) James Basnight - Living the Way I want (Not Changing LP) Caesars - She Don't Mind (Love For The Streets LP) The Popravinas . Hard Way (To Make An Easy Living) (Willy Nilly LP) Sunday Jet Lag - Waste Of Time (Single) (Lousiville Kentucky) Surfer Joe . A Day At The Beach (Swell Of Dwell LP) The Greenberry Woods - #37 (Feels So Strange) - (Rapple Dapple LP) The Specials - Vote For Me (Encore LP) The Popravinas - Talkin' Out Loud (Willy Nilly LP) Super 8 - Angels And Neil Diamond (Single) Knife Club - When My Eyes Are Heavy (Single)
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    #281 The Apples In Stereo - Shine A Light (Tone Soul Evolution LP) Arthur Alexander - I'll Get Your Love Someday (One Bar Left LP) Eugenius - Bed In (Oomalama LP) Andre' M - Dodged A Bullet (Single) Diamond Hands - Maybe Tomorrow (You Are The Cosmos LP) Venus - Deranged (Single) Caesars - Over 'Fore It Started (Love For The Streets LP) El Mapache - Just Another Pink Rock Song (Single) Sons Of Morning - Evangeline (Single) Tiger Bomb - Here He Comes (Uproar LP) Quitters - Burn Your House Down (Singing Like Nobodies Listening EP) The Details - For Anyone To Claim (To Charles Dickens And Back LP) Lazars Finest - Boracho (Single) The Undertones - Get Over You (The Undertones LP) The Chromosomes - Leavin' Canada (Losing Eleven LP) Danny Wilkerson - Let It Go Tonight (Wilkerson LP) Richard Turgeon - Hey Jealousy (Single) The Speed Of Sound - I'm Real (Single) Bang 74 - Can You Fix Me Up With Her (Single)
  3. itunes pic
    The Ramones - Suzy Is A headbanger (Leave Home 40th Anniversary Deluxe LP) Thee Girl Fridays - Too Much Of A Good Thing (Single) The Screens - Tell Julie To Stay (Single) Teenage Fanclub - Don't Cry No Tears (Deep Fried Fanclub LP) South Berkley - Glass And Sparks (Single) Vista Blue - Always Check The Backseat (Scary Songs To Sing In The Dark EP) The Vapour Trails - Godspeed It (Godspeed It EP) The Popravinas - Sofia (Single) The Thick Un's - Reckless Rider (Greasy Gambit LP) Proper - Welcome To This Town (Single) Attic Lights - Kings Of Whatever (Love In The Times Of Shark Attacks LP) French Boutik - Passe Recompose (Le Ame De Paris LP) The Prisoners - Mourn My Health In From The Cold LP) Worlds Apart - This Life (Songs For Sons & Daughters LP) Phil Yates and The Affiliates - We're Finally Here (How Do You Spell GBV LP) Tiger Bomb - Don't Forget The Girl (Uproar LP) Dionysus Records Attic Lights - Never By Myself (Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks LP) The Reverberations - Dream Catcher (Changes LP) Jake Starr - All The Mess I'm In (Single) Elvyn - Ellie (Valley Of The Killowatt Hour LP)
  4. itunes pic
    Stiv Bators - It's Cold Outside (Single) Blackjack Love - Carryin' On (Bullets and Blues LP) Supersaurus - Brainfreeze (Our First Cassette LP) Smug Brothers - Beethoven Tonight (Attic Harvest LP) The Obleeks - Have You Thought About Me Lately (The Obleeks LP) The Real People - Bring You Down (What's On The Outside LP) Mooner - The Whole World Falls Down (Satisfaction Promise LP) The Blades - The Magnets (Modernised LP) Modest proposal - Live Today Fast Cars - Why? (Coming Ready Or Not! LP) Johnny Stanec - You're An Empty Sound (Things Were Better When LP) Addison Love - Endless (Single) Big Stir Records Chuck Woods - Seven Days Is Too Long (Single) The Vikings - My Friends Little Sister (The Best Head Ever LP) Sam Page - Now I Know (Breach LP) Ivan Beecroft - Shattered Dreams (Liars, Freaks and Fools LP) Mikah Wilson - Sunshine Grooves (Sunshine Grooves LP) Muscle Souls - I Don't Know What Makes Me (Single) John and Nicole The Jam - Town Called Malice (Single) BBC - Tonight (Everybody's Angry Nowadays LP)
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    The Hicadoolas - Vangelis (Sympathy For The Ocean EP) Richard Turgeon - Into Your Arms (9 Covers LP) The Higher State - Dark Night Of The Soul (Single) Market Sq Records Trip Wire - Act Fast (Single) Big Stir PP&M records Arthur Alexander - One Bar Left (One Bar Left LP) The Hicadoolas - Summer party (Sympathy For The Ocean EP) Pulp - Babies (His And Hers LP) The Jessica Fletchers - Shoot (Whatever Happened To? LP) Baby Scream - Roundabouts (Things You Can Say To A Stranger EP) Dreams Of Carnage - Sunday School (I'm In Your Garden LP) Gene Pool and The Shallows - Norwegian Wood (Benefit Of Mr Kitesurfer LP) The Honey Pot - Bewildered Jane (Bewildered Jane LP) Marsmallow Overcoat - Marshmallow Theme (Songs From The Motion Picture All You need is Fuzz LP) The Sunchymes - Emily Layne (Single) Matthew Sweet - Sick Of Myself (100 Fun LP) Supersaurus - Vape Heaven (Our First Cassette LP) Pop - The Weight Of Something (3 EP) David Woodard - I Used To Be Cool (I Used To Be Cool LP) Marshmallow Overcoat - Half A Life (Songs From The Motion Picture All You need is Fuzz LP)
  6. itunes pic
    1) That Driving Beat - A Little Togetherness (Single) 2) St Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - I Still Get The Calls (Single) 3) The Genuine Fakes - Even With You (Issues LP) 4) In Deed - Don't Need, Don't Care (Everest LP) Uppsala 5) Dee Rangers - I'm Your Fool (All You Need Tonight LP) Stockholm 6) The Most - It's Alright (Beat Beat Boom LP) Umeå 7) The Hombres - Go Girl, Go (Record Robot LP) 8) Badass Mother Fuzzers - Gonna Get You (Single)e Me A Letter (Single) 9) Super 8 - Good Times (Hi Lo LP) 10) The Greyhound Factory - The Genie And The Gun (Single) UK 11) The Gunboat Diplomats - IF Summer Could Stay (Single) 12) Bryan Estepa - No Ordinary (Single) 13) Stephen's Ruin - Ophelia Winter (Never Too Late LP) 14) Thrift Store Halo - Every Time With You (Single) 15) Tommy Sistak - You Can't Change Me (Ready Set A Go Go LP) 16) Lannie Flowers - Don't Make Me Wait (Single) 17) Faux Co - Prozac Spaceman (Single) 18) Gleeson - Holding On (The Years Have It LP) 19) Gretchens Wheel - Untethered (Black Box Theory LP) 20) Tomas Nilson - I'm Too Tired To Sleep (Split Single With Roger Arvidson) 21) Chromosomes - Goalkeeper (Single) 22) Pablo Matisse - Wasting Light (Single) 23)The Duke Of Surl - Out Of It (Out Of It LP) 24) Vista Blue - 1621 (Single) 25) Extra Arms - Headacher (Headacher LP) 26) The Papashangos - The Poncho Song (Single) 27) The Bookends - Laugh Or Cry (Far Away But Around LP) 28) RAF - Get What You Get (Single) 29) Emperor Penguin - Halfway to Havana (Rum Pop Engineer LP) 30) GospelBeach- Strange Days (Another Summer Of Love LP) 31) 65MPH - Soaring (Single) 32) Carbon Poppies - Rain On My Face (Single) 33) Psychotic Youth - You (21 LP) Acoustic set for ICM 34) Psychotic Youth - You (21 LP) LP Version 35) Ken Sharp - Lemons To Lemonade (Beauty In The Back seat LP) 36) The Geezers - Daymaker (Shine On LP) 37) Three Hour Tour - Pascal The Hypnotist (You Never Know LP) 38) The Newds - Through The Dark (Single)
  7. itunes pic
    1) Internet Friends - Molly (Single) 2) Pop - New Again (Single) 3) El Mapache - Cocktail Bar (Single) 4) Empty Hours - Radio (It's About Time LP) 5) Kurt Baker - Yesterday Tomorrow (Let's Go Wild LP) 6) Dave Sheinin - Talking To Myself (First Thing Tomorrow LP) 7) Simon Love - The New Adam And Eve (It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time LP) 8) Dennis Elsworth - Stoned (Single) 9) Popsik - Red (Single) 10) Phylis Johnson - Mr Calahan Single) 11) Dropkick - Out Of Tune (Longwave LP) 12) Car City - Connecting The Dots (Car City LP) 13) Paul Collins - Tick Tock (Out Of My Head LP) 14) Daniel Insa - Love Music Friends (Still Works LP) 15) Davey Woodward and The Winter Orphans - Build a Boat (Self Titled LP) 16) Tom Curless - Always Bloom Forever (Songs Of Movement LP) 17) The Stan Laurels - I Want To Believe (Maybe LP) 18) Nick Piunti - No Return (Temporary High LP) 19) Dr Bird - Bedtime Stories (Bedtime Stories LP) 20) Tiger Bomb - Baby Come On (Uproar LP) Portland 21) The Dahlmanns - Get It Right (Single) Beluga Records 22) Allrighters - You're The One Fore Me (There's a Light LP) 23) Katie Hallam - On The Edge Of My World (ICM Comp 2018) 24) The Suncharms - Red Dust (Single) 25) Athanor - Now I Know (Hills Of The Universe LP) 26) The Turnback - Your Fragile Wall (Spinning The Earth In Reverse LP) 27) Caper Clowns - Paper Trails (A Salty Taste To The Lake LP) 28) Go Dog Go - Stop And Think It Over (Old Enough LP) 29) Chris Lund - Tell Me (Great Event Syndrome LP) 30) Sungraze - Midnight Light (Single) 31) Los Turistas - Casi Tocamos El Cielo (Casi Tocamos El Cielo LP) Malaga Spain 32) Checkpoint Charley - Childs Play (Songs 13 - 24 LP) 33) Tremendous - Rock & Roll Satellite (Single) Birmingham 34) White Flag Dares - Make My Day (Single) 35) Tommy Lorente & La Cavalerie - Ne Parle Pas De Nous (Don't Talk About Us) 36) Teenage Frames - She Knows (Still Pissed LP)
  8. itunes pic
    The Larks - Maggie, Maggie, Maggie (Billy Grahams Going To Heaven EP) The Legs - Up The Ante (Hipbone Slim Vs Sir Bald LP) Sam Page - Naked (The Slog In Uncertainty LP) Jacke and The Cedrics - Squad Car (Tokyo Trashville LP) Gregg Bass Popdudes - Waterloo (Maximum Rock Stupidity LP) Andre' M - Outta Tune and Outta Luck (Stop Thief LP) Phyllis Johnson - Mr Callahan (Single) GospelBeach - Kathleen (Another Summer Of Love LP) The Soup Dragons - Head Gone Astray (Single) The Genuine Fakes - Even With You (Acoustic track for the ICM show) (Issues LP) The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love (Single) Mike And The Knights - Not End Well (The Last Gamble Of...LP) Dennis Ellsworth - Stoned (Things Change LP) Vegas With Randolph - She's An Intellectual (Legs And Luggage LP) Echobelly - Molotov (Anarchy And Alchemy LP) The Shoutalouds - 50 Miles The Cyrkle - Our Love Affairs In Question (Red Rubber Ball LP) Simon Love - I fucking Love You (Sincerely S Love LP) Me First and The Gimme Gimmes - Auld Lang Syne (Ruin Johnnys Barmitzvah LP)
  9. itunes pic
    The Vandals - My First Christmas (As A Woman) (Oi To The World LP) Cheap Trick - I Want You For Christmas (A Very Special Christmas 25th Anniversary LP) Thrift Store Halo - I Still Love Christmas (Single) The Business .- Step Into Christmas (Single) The Forty Nineteens - It's Christmas Time Again (Single) Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - Bring Me The Wooltones This Year (Single) Super 8 - It'll Soon Be Christmas (Single) The Bookends - Rock That Jingle Jangle (Single) Lannie Flowers - Christmas Without You (Single) Vista Blue - Santa (The Roomates Cover) (The Carols That We Sing EP) Fountains Of Wayne - The Man In The Santa Suit (Single) The Jac - A Petty Xmas Parts 1 & 2 (Single) Dropkick - Scampi For Christmas (25th December EP) Psychotic Youth - Kingdom To Be Found (21 LP) Ramones - Merry Christmas (I don't Want To Fight) (Single) The Leonards - Father Christmas (Garage Sale LP) The Popravinas - Christmas in Jail (Single) The Business - Step Into Christmas (Single) Vista Blue - Under The Mistletoe (The Carols That we Sing EP) John Lennon - Imagine. (Single)
  10. itunes pic
    Sharon Tandy & Les Fleur De Lys - Hold On (Single) Kurt Baker - Dancing With My Girl (Brand New B Sides LP) Gleeson - Holding On (The Years Have It LP) The Embrooks - Nightmare (Who We Are LP) The Vinylos - Blow Me Up (Blow Me Up LP) Mild Mannered Janitors - Uncle Z (Single) Tremendous - Rock 'N' Roll Satellite (Single) Armchair Oracles - All My Time (Single) Joe Benoit - Paying The Toll (Single) The Thinglers - Without You (EP) Internet Friends - Molly (Single) Dalaplan - Sist Dagarna På Året (Du går aldrig ensam LP) Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - She's Got The Power (The Collection LP) Man Bear - Get Me Out (Single) The Newds - Through The Dark Side (Single) The Screens - Tell Julie To Stay (Single) Sungraze - Midnight Light (Midnight Light LP) Wes Hollywood - Nothing To See Here (Dynamite LP) The Greyhound Factory - New Years Eve (Single) The Smart Folk - Shadow Of The Panther (Single)

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