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Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

1662437_603030319820142_6689507823941703046_n Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More - RADIOLANTAU.COM

You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

Supporting unsigned artists from around the world, the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is aired on 7 radio stations around the world from the US to Hong Kong and beyond. Playing music of volume, passion, attitude and grace, the music the mainstream radio stations monopolised by the record companies won't play you. Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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    Dodgy - Staying Out For The Summer (Dodgy LP) Radiator Hospital - Honeymoon Phase (Torch Song LP) Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Under The Hedge (The Tyranny Of Distance LP) Tommy And The Rockets - Get Ready (Rock 'N' Roll Wrecking Machine EP) Monique - Never Let Me Go (Single) Firestarter - Saturday Night (is the end of the world) (Livin' On The Heat LP) Japan Marco Magnani - Such a Slow Way Home (Live At Vinyl Gallery LP) The SD5 - I Told You So (Out Of Hand In Metroland EP/Mini Lp) The Len Price 3 - Rentacrowd (Rentacrowd LP) The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Firmament Vacation (Welcome To The Infant Freebase LP) Mud Fox Tribe - Stormy (Single) Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - Lost and Forgotten People Of Baab (Big Night Out LP) SMLXL - Caught Up In This World (Single) Prince Buster - Freezing Up Orange Street (Single) The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy (Single) The Sunflowers - Talk Shit/People Suck (The Intergalactic Guide To Find The Red Cowboy LP) Iguana Death Cult - Faster Faster (Single) The Charlatans - The Only One I know (Some Friendly LP) Andre' M - Sneaky Thief (Cheriton Drive LP)
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    The Jam - Strange Town (Single) The Creachies - Not Never And (The Creachies LP) The Scrubs - Goalkeeper (Skulls and Dolls LP) Tawny Reed - I Got A Feeling (Single) Pop - New Again (Single) Top - Life's Only Dreaming (Emotion Lotion LP) Roger Joseph Manning - Operator (Glamping EP) The Connection - You Know (Wish You Success LP) Locksley - Oh, Wisconsin (Locksley LP) Bute - Can You hear Me (Single) The Most - It's Alright (Beat Beat Boom LP) Gretchen's Wheel - Imp (Black Box Theory LP) Koko Panda - Unter Den Linden (Single) (Under The Linden Tree) Rooni - Ambulance (Single) The Sick Rose - Blame It On Me (Some Place Better LP) Orbis Max - Love Will Keep Us Together (Single) The Most - Shape Up (Beat Beat Boom LP) Gretchen's Wheel - Untethered (Black Box Theory LP) The Connection - Wish You Success (Wish You success LP)
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    Geoff Palmer - This One's Gonna Be Hot (Single) Badass Mother Fuzzers - Gonna Get You (Single) Ye Nuns - Don't Worry (Single) The Vibrations - Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Single) Lost Acapulco - Tangatuango (Surf Rock; Hiddenn Gems And Rare Tracks LP) Kurt Baker Combo - Sick Of Waiting (Single) (Album Let's Go Wild Out May 18th) The Well Wishers - There Goes My Gun (A View From Above LP) Vibeke Sagestad - Not On Your Life (Into The Shimmering LP) The Posies - My Big Mouth (Dear 23 LP) Empty Hours - For Real (It's About Time LP) Chocolate Watchband - She Weaves A Tender Trap (Single) The Ice Cream Conspiracists - We All Need Someone To Love (Single) The Pearlettes . The Duchess Of Earl (Northern Soul Girls Rock LP) Brady Harris Band - Better Late Than Never (NoHo Calling LP) The Byrds - The Bells Of Rhymney (5th Dimension LP) The Malibooz - (I won't Be) Too Young (The Malibooz Rule LP) Teodor from Telos Vision - My Eyes & Hard On You acoustic Live The Wrong Society - I Really Don't Care (Single) Rob Clarke And The Wooltones - It's Groovy Innit (Big Night Out LP) The Well Wishers - I Like You Better (A View From Above LP)
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    #239 Phonograph - Don't You Bring Me Down (Phonograph Vol.1 LP) Best Coast - Fine Without You (California Nights LP) Division Of Laura Lee - Hollow Pricks (Single) Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen (Anything Could Happen LP) J Eastman & The Drunk Uncles - No Political Agenda (Pleasing Some Of The People None Of The Time LP) The Terrorsurfs - Bat Shit Crazy (Mutant Surf Trash LP) Neil Sturgeon and The Infomanaiacs - Break Me (Geography and Luck LP) Labradors - Apart (Future Ghosts LP) Teenage Bubblegums - Breakaway (Single) Teenage Fanclub - Free Again (Deep Fried Fanclub LP) Tommy Lorente - Arthur (Stupefaction LP) The Space Agency 4 - Tiger Paw (Single) Blake Jones & The Trike Shop - At Every Train Stop (Make LP) (Big Stir Records) Neil Sturgeon and The Infomaniacs - She Talks In Whispers (Geography & Luck LP) Plutonium Baby - No Time (Blast LP) Area Pirata Simon Love - I Fucking Love You (Sincerely, S Love LP) Tapete Records Tommy Lorente - Conquistador (Stupefaction LP) The Rubinoos - If Only My Car Could Talk (Everything You Wanted To Know LP) The Tsunami Bots v Brand New Luddites - Run (Man Vs Machine LP) Sharawaji Records The Vogs - Change (A Change Is Coming (Q Sounds Records)
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    Bobby "Blue" Band - Turn On Your Lovelight (Single) Colin's Godson - LaserQuest 2000 (Colin's Godson In Silicon Heaven LP) Las Kasettes - Ven A La Charca (Bajo El Sol LP) The Who - 905 (Who Are You LP) The Only Ones - The Immortal Story (The Only Ones LP) Nick Piunti - Dumb It Down (Trust Your Instincts LP) The Stone Lyons - Acid Dreams (Single) Spencer Davis Group - Keep On Running (Single) The Red Plastic Buddah Band - Daisy Love (All Out Revolution LP) Long Boards - Moment Of Truth (Surf Rock: Hidden Gems and Rare Tracks LP) Coffee Drama - Nevermind (Single) The Difficult Stranger - Pawnshop Heart (High School Lover LP) Dropkick - Come Around (Longwave LP) Empty Hours - Radio (It's About Time LP) The Jam - Funeral Pyre (Single) Wade Johnson - You Know It (Single) Empty Hours - Lucky Day (It's About Time LP) Prince Buster - Freezing Up Orange Street (Single)
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    Nada Surf - Clear Eye Clouded Mind (The Stars Look Different To Astronomy LP) The Action - In My Lonely Room (The Ultimate Action LP) Aerial - Great Teenager (Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School LP) Gary Ritchie - Million Dollars (Poptimistic LP) The Bottle Kids - The Only Heart That I Can See (Let Me In On This Action LP) The Records - So Sorry (The Records LP) The Popravinas - Nearest Pretty Girl (Everybody's Fault But Ours LP) Eugenius - Breakfast (Oomalama LP) Sister Ectoplasma - Swooned (Single) The Posies - I May Hate You Sometimes (Faliure LP) Joel Sarakula - Trouble (Love Club LP) Chris Cash And The Brilliant Deductions - One Way Ride (Single) The Searchers - Western Union (The Searchers LP) Emperor Penguin - The German Girl (Rum Pop Engineer LP) 65MPH - Blue (Single) The Wannadies - Might Be Stars (Be A Girl LP) The Posies - Scattered (Solid States LP) The Olive Shoots - Rape (In A Spiritual World) (Single)
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    Supporting the best new bands the mainstream radio stations won't play, please add your support by sharing on your social media platforms and beyond. Thanks Hal - Play The Hits (Single) The Stands - Here She Comes Again (All Years Leaving LP) KIng Mastino - Medusa (Medusa LP) Dany Laj and The Looks - Left Right To One (Single) Tommy Sistak - She Just Won't Go Away (Ready Set A Go Go LP) Other Half - Girl With The Long Black Hair (The Essential Pebbles Collection LP) The Scrubs - Children Insane (Skulls and Dolls LP) Vista Blue - Run, Run, Run (End Of Season LP) Andy Ketch - Oh Summer (Single) The Mighty Lemon Drops - My Biggest Thrill (Single) Kurt Baker Combo - So Lonely (Single) Nick Frater - Remoaner (Song For Europe) (Goodbye Kayfabe LP) Sundown Delay - You're In Love With Yesterday (Awaiting The Death Of Rock 'N' Roll LP) Supergrass - Alright (Single) Hell Cat - Countless Miles (Single) Royal Air Force - Want Me To Work (Single) The Unswept - He'd Be A Diamond (Single) Tommy And The Rockets - Little Honda (Let's Have Fun In the Summer Sun EP) Teenage Frames - Still Pissed (Still Pissed LP) Varetta And The Thomases - Fly By Night (Single)
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    Primal Scream - Loaded (Single Version) Johnny Stanec - The Future's Promise and The Dying Breath (Farewell Sadness LP) B/camp Andre' M - Kenzy's Choice (Single) The Vikings - First Time (The Best Head Ever LP) Jagger Holly - Tell Me What I Gotta Do (DJ Free Europe LP) The Sunflowers - Post Break Up Stoner (The Intergalactic Guide To Find The Red Cowboy LP) Lord High Admirals - Nivian (Lord High Admirals LP) The Campbell Apartment - Winsome Loathsome (Single) Sam Cooke - Sugar Dumpling (Single) The Clockworks - Rumours In The Stockroom (Single) Los Modernos - Dos Minutos (Curvas Peligrovas LP) (Clifford Records) Eugenius - Bed In (Oomalama LP) Calling All Astronauts (Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps ) (Influences EP) Lunatics On Pogosticks - PCP (Leave Your Worries At Home. They'll Be There When You get Back LP) Hemmit - Friends (One Ultra LP) Mikah Wilson - Look at The Way (Single) (Lollipop Records) The Supernaturals - Horse Song (360 LP) The Undertones - Mars Bar (Single) The Hombres - Go Girl Go (Single)
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    #234 The Cavaliers - Hold On To My Baby (Single) The Popdogs - Wake You Baby (Cool Cats For Pop Dogs LP) The Only Ones - Lovers Of Today (The Only Ones LP) Ivan Beecroft - Believe (Whatever LP) Richard Turgeon - Lost Angeles (single) Suferlific Dudes - Attack Of The Invisible Jelly Bees (Mountain Wave LP) Supertonic Sound Club - Please Don't Ask (Single) Chris Church - Lost Is Lost (Single) Bandcamp You Want Fox - Tooth For Tooth (Single) Thrift Store Halo - Every Time With You (Single) Caper Clowns - The Way I Dream (Single) Phil Yates And The Affiliates - One Mans Trash (Party Music LP) The Family Cat - Wonderful Excuse (Magic Happens LP) Ivan Beecroft - Got A Reputation (Whatever LP) Tommy And The Rockets - Silly Teenage Love (Beer And Fun And Rock 'N' Roll LP) Nick Batterham - Nothing Lasts (Golden Boy LP) Popboomerang records El Mapache - This Is Not A Cocktail Bar (Single) Taggart - Nutso (L'Maskin LP) Screaming Trees - Ivy (Invisible Lantern LP)
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    #233 The Wellgreen - Remember (Summer Rain LP) Tommy Sistak - You Can't Change Me (Ready Set A Go Go LP) Owsley - I'm Alright (Owsley LP) The Who - A Legal Matter (My Generation LP) Los Imposibles - Sloppy (Red LP) Teenage Frames - So Mean (Still Pissed LP) Silent Blue - Let Me Run (A Spoonful Of Sugarbush LP) Jeremy Porter And The Tucos - Avenues Are For Heroes (Don't Worry It's Not Contagious LP) Hank Idory - Hablando Solo (Hank Idory LP) Swedish Polarbears - Sun Of A Gun (The Great Northern LP) Arvidson And Butterflies - Blank Season (EP) Dropkick - Fed Up Thinking Of You (Longwave LP) Lunatics On Pogosticks - Waste It (Leave Your Troubles at Home, They'll Be There When You get Back LP) Atomic Girl - I Lost It All (The Future Is So Bright LP) Radiator Hospital - Cut Your Bangs (Torch Song LP) Fast Cars - Take Me (To LA) (LAX LP) Remember Sports - Where Are You (Sunchokes LP) Theatre Royal - Borrowed Pen (Single) The Jam - Art School (In The City LP) Amoeba Teen - Pop (Single) Golden Fang - Ghost Of Your Golden Age (Lucky Money Sunshine LP)

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