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Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

1662437_603030319820142_6689507823941703046_n Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More - RADIOLANTAU.COM

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Supporting unsigned artists from around the world, the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is aired on 7 radio stations around the world from the US to Hong Kong and beyond. Playing music of volume, passion, attitude and grace, the music the mainstream radio stations monopolised by the record companies won't play you. Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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    Alan Pierce and the Tone Kings - Swampwater (Single) Richard Turgeon - Look Away (Lost Angeles LP) Sloan - You Don't Need Excuses To Be Good (Commonwealth LP) The Lemonheads - Mrs Robinson (It's A Shame About Ray LP) Marvelous 3 - You're So Yesterday (Hey! LP) RAF - Get What You Get (Ice Cream Man Power Pop - Songs We Learnt At Sundae School Compilation LP) Brad Marino - Should've Known (Four Track Attack EP) Camens - Danny Devito (Single) The Play Offs - På Rette Vej (Et Endelost Fald LP) Snuff - Soul Limbo (Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other LP) Emperor Penguin - Moth Meet Flame (Rum Pop Engineer LP) Empty Hours - Set It Straight (It's About Time LP) The Len Price 3 - My Granddad Jim (Pictures LP) The Chromosomes - Leavin' Canada (Losing Eleven LP) The Rezillos - No (The Almost Complete Rezillos LP) Dirt Royal - Girl In The Shop (Single) The Sick Rose - How To Be Your Friend (Someplace Better LP) Simon Love - I Fucking Love You (Sincerely S.Love LP) The Real People - Bring You Down (What's On The Outside LP) The Vanjas - Blast Off (The Vanjas Sing and Play Rock and Roll LP)
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    #249 Let Me Out Kurt Baker 2015 Kurt Baker - Two Classic Albums Knack Cover Heartbeat The Knack 1979 Get The Knack Buddy Holly Cover Strict Time The Anderson Council 2014 Beyond Belief: A Tribute To Elvis Costello Elvis Costello Cover Victoria Cracker 2002 This Is Where I Belong: The Songs Of Ray Davies And The Kinks Kinks Cover Cookie Jar Chris Collingwood 2009 Ciao My Shining Star (Deluxe Edition) Mark Mulchay Cover Ain't That Enough Cloud Eleven 2004 What a Concept!: Tribute to Teenage Fanclub Teenage Fanclub Cover Heatwave The Jam 1979 Setting Sons (Remastered) Martha and the Vandellas Cover Art School Silver Sun 1999 Fire & Skill: The Songs Of The Jam Jam Cover Look Through Any Window Michael Carpenter 2012 SOOP Sampler Hollies Cover Where You Get Love Andy Reed 2018 Altered Sweet Matthew Sweet Cover Needles & Pins Ramones 1978 Road To Ruin Seachers Cover Walk Away Renee Somerdale 2011 Brighter Than Before Left Bank Cover Sparky's Dream Ike & The Capers 2004 What a Concept!: Tribute to Teenage Fanclub Teenage Fanclub Cover Starry Eyes Too Much Joy 1992 Mutiny Records Cover Outdoor Miner The Grays B Side Single Wire Cover Right Or Wrong Nick Piunti 2016 If It Feels Good Do It - A Sloan Tribute Sloan Cover Coax Me Chris Richards & The Subtractions 2016 If It Feels Good Do It - A Sloan Tribute Sloan Cover The Gift Heavy Stereo 1999 Fire & Skill: The Songs Of The Jam Jam Cover Got a Lot on My Head Owsley 2005 A Tribute to the Cars: Substitution Mass Confusion Cars Cover Time Capsule Elvyn 2018 Altered Sweet Matthew Sweet Cover
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    #248 1. My Favorite Bag - Phil Yates & The Affiliates 2. Maybe That's All - Chris Richards & The Subtractions 3. Evelyn Wood - The Hangabouts 4. The Maze - Gretchen's Wheel 5. Accelerated Moon - Tom Curless 6. Serious Drugs - SUPER 8 7. Better Days - The Legal Matters 8. Dead Smile - Fireking 9. Hey Kari G. - The Vandalias 10. All Men Are Wires - ambulette 11. Cecil - Joel Boyea 12. The Bitter End - Robyn Gibson 13. Service - Silver Sun 14. Tom Courtenay - Yo La Tengo 15. When I Still Have Thee - Teenage Fanclub 16. I've Gotta Get a Message To You - Coke Belda 17. I Wanna Thank You - Keith Klingensmith
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    #247 Pointed Sticks - What Do You Want Me To Do? (Single) The Orange Humble Band - Can't Get What You Want (Assorted Creams LP) The Jessica Fletchers - Do You Know What She Hides (Whatever Happened to The...LP) The Cars - Just What I Needed (Single) The Solicitors - Pretty Penny (Made To Measure LP) The Pretty Things - I Want Your Love (Get The Picture LP) Caper Clowns - When I'm Alive (Buca Bus LP) Davey Woodward and The Winter Orphans - Build A Boat (Self Titled LP) The Brilliant Corners - Trust Me (Somebody Up There Likes Me LP) Young Francis - Gimme A Kiss (Juvenile Delinquent EP) The Buzzcocks - Sixteen Again (Love Bites LP) Dog's D'Amour - Drunk Like Me (Errol Flynn LP) Dave Sheinin - More For Real (First Thing Tomorrow LP) Love - Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark and Hilldale (Forever Changes LP) The Hector Collectors - Edgelord (Do You Remember The Hector Collectors, You Won't Believe What They Sound Like Now LP) The Leftists - Part Time Punk (Demonstrate LP) Dave Sheinin - Talking To Myself (First Thing Tomorrow LP) Boys School - Talking To Myself (Boys School LP) Dom Clark Trio - Old Soldiers (Old Soldiers Single)
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    #246 The Counteracts - Skin Deep (Single) Splitsville Forever (The Complete Pet Soul LP) The Wrong Society - I Really Don't Care (Single) Market Square Records Lost Acapulco - Surf Mongol (Surf Rock Hidden Gems and Rare tracks lp) Roger Arvidson - Most Guys (Split Single with Tomas Nilson Beluga Records) Caesars Palace - Spill Your Guts (Cherry Kicks LP) LISA MYCHOLS - LOVING YOU BABY (SUGAR LP) Pauls - Your Way (Single) Austria Colin's Godson - Failing In Love (Love in The Time Of Colin's Godson LP) The Supernaturals - Sheffield Song (Single) Tomas Nillson - I'm Too Tired To Sleep (Split Single with Roger Arvidson) Lucy and The Rats - Girl (Wassup Rocker Radio Presents Sick Sounds LP) The Newds - Drawing A Line (Single) Teenage Fanclub - About You (Acoustic version) Jerry Hull - All You've Been Looking For (Strange Afternoons LP) The Stone Roses - Going Down (The Complete Stone Roses LP) Tom Curless - Always Bloom Forever (Songs Of Movement LP) Out 20/6 Butch Walker - Summer Jam (Leavin' The Game On Luckie Street LP) Strangely Alright - Little Billy Died (Single) The Connection - You Know (Wassup Rocker Radio Presents Sick Sounds LP)
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    #245 The Lemonheads - Rest Assured (Come On Feel The Lemonheads LP) Stephen's Ruin - Ophelia Winter (Single) XTC - Are You Receiving Me (Single) Colour Me Wednesday - Sunriser (Counting Pennies in The Afterlife LP) The Mads - I Wanna Laugh You (The Orange Plane LP) Ride - Like A Daydream (Single) Richard Turgeon - Be My Wife (Lost Angeles LP) The Undertones - Dig Yourself Deep (Dig Yourself Deep LP) The Rubinoos - Same Old Heartache (Automatic Toaster LP) Snuff - Match Of The Day (In The Fishtank EP) Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - Last Train To Rob Clarkesville (Big Night Out LP) French Boutik - Loin De Moi (Single) Amoeba Teen - The Damn British (Selection Box Vol.1 LP) Kurt Baker - Foolish Stuff (Let's Go Wild LP) The Celibate Rifles - Downtown (Roman Beach Party LP) Daniel Insa - Love Music Friends (Still Works LP) Madrid/Bandcamp Dirt Royal - Glory Days (Single) Young Francis - Same Old Story (Young Francis Plays Garage Punk EP) 65MPH - Somewhere (Single)
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    Kurt Baker Combo - Yesterday Today (Let's Go Wild LP) Tommy Lorente - J ai Connu Mieux (Stupefaction LP) Nick Piunti - Time Machine (Beyond The Static LP) Cooper - Ya Llego' El Verano (Tiempo, Temeratura, Agitacion LP) The Yum Yums - It Must Be Love (Play Good Music LP) Lannie Flowers - Lost In A Daydream (Single) The Sleeves - Girl (Deliverance LP) Killer Clowns - Moe Tucker (Trombone Player) - Crappy Circus LP The Stone Lyons - Alright (Single) Jerry Hull - Supercharged Chassis (Single) Manfred Mann - The One In The Middle (Best Of LP) The Terrorsurfs - Murph (Mutant Surf Trash LP) The Smart Patrol - I Won't Go Back To Work (Overage Underachievers LP) Kurt Baker Combo - No Fun At All (Let's Go Wild LP) Jet Reactions - More Reaction (More Reaction LP) The Celibate Rifles - I Still See You (Roman Beach Party LP) Tommy and The Rockets - Rock 'N' Roll High School (I Wanna Be Covered LP) Margie and The Formations - Better Get What Goes For You (Single) Golden Fang - A Little Bit Of Rain Never Hurt Anybody (Never Tire For Sound LP) Splitsville - ome (Ultrasound LP) The Len Price 3 - Lai Ha Lam (Chinese Burn LP)
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    Madness - Madness (One Step Beyond LP) Jump stone - Won't Last A Minute (Single) Spygenius - The Friendly Stars That Glow (Single) The Chromosomes - Goalkeeper (Losing Eleven LP) Bandcamp The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon (Single) Sonic Surf City - Sun Sex 'N Fun (The Surfers That Came From The Cold Vol.1 LP) The Yum Yums - I Hate You (Blame It On The Boogie LP) Building Rockets - Dearest Anyone (Single) Richard Turgeon - Big Break (Lost Angeles LP) Coming out soon Psychotic Youth - Me and You (The Voice Of Summer LP) The Family Values - If I Can't Love Her (Single) PAULS - Come On Get Up (Here Today LP) Amazon, Spotify itunes David Myhr - The Perfect Place (Lucky Day LP) Stephens Ruin - Septembers Favourite Child (Single) The Man From Delmonte - Big Noise (Big Noise LP) The Giljoteens - Empty Soul (Get A Head LP) The Forty Nineteen - My Camaro (Good Fortune LP) Lisa Mychols - He's Got Me Dreaming (Sugar LP) Futureman Records The Ego Ritual - Chakra Maraca (Single) Bandcamp and Kool Kat Rekords The Most - Stop, Stop (Beat Beat Boom LP)
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    Dodgy - Staying Out For The Summer (Dodgy LP) Radiator Hospital - Honeymoon Phase (Torch Song LP) Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Under The Hedge (The Tyranny Of Distance LP) Tommy And The Rockets - Get Ready (Rock 'N' Roll Wrecking Machine EP) Monique - Never Let Me Go (Single) Firestarter - Saturday Night (is the end of the world) (Livin' On The Heat LP) Japan Marco Magnani - Such a Slow Way Home (Live At Vinyl Gallery LP) The SD5 - I Told You So (Out Of Hand In Metroland EP/Mini Lp) The Len Price 3 - Rentacrowd (Rentacrowd LP) The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Firmament Vacation (Welcome To The Infant Freebase LP) Mud Fox Tribe - Stormy (Single) Rob Clarke and The Wooltones - Lost and Forgotten People Of Baab (Big Night Out LP) SMLXL - Caught Up In This World (Single) Prince Buster - Freezing Up Orange Street (Single) The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy (Single) The Sunflowers - Talk Shit/People Suck (The Intergalactic Guide To Find The Red Cowboy LP) Iguana Death Cult - Faster Faster (Single) The Charlatans - The Only One I know (Some Friendly LP) Andre' M - Sneaky Thief (Cheriton Drive LP)
  10. itunes pic
    The Jam - Strange Town (Single) The Creachies - Not Never And (The Creachies LP) The Scrubs - Goalkeeper (Skulls and Dolls LP) Tawny Reed - I Got A Feeling (Single) Pop - New Again (Single) Top - Life's Only Dreaming (Emotion Lotion LP) Roger Joseph Manning - Operator (Glamping EP) The Connection - You Know (Wish You Success LP) Locksley - Oh, Wisconsin (Locksley LP) Bute - Can You hear Me (Single) The Most - It's Alright (Beat Beat Boom LP) Gretchen's Wheel - Imp (Black Box Theory LP) Koko Panda - Unter Den Linden (Single) (Under The Linden Tree) Rooni - Ambulance (Single) The Sick Rose - Blame It On Me (Some Place Better LP) Orbis Max - Love Will Keep Us Together (Single) The Most - Shape Up (Beat Beat Boom LP) Gretchen's Wheel - Untethered (Black Box Theory LP) The Connection - Wish You Success (Wish You success LP)

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