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    Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

    You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

    Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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      Mel Torme - I'm Coming Home (Single) The Oranges - Hi Cheese (Bubblegum LP) Young Francis - Girls Like You (Young Francis Plays Garage Punk EP) The Kumari - I'm Sad (Watching You EP) The Lovetones - Inside A Dream (Meditations LP) Long Tall Texans - Notice Me (Aces And Eights LP) Hawaii Mud Bombers - Johanna Beach (Mondo Primo LP) The Gunboat Diplomats - She Said (Fine State Of Affairs LP) The Cool Whips - The Peppermint Tree (Baddies LP ?????) Kurt Baker Combo - Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth (In Orbit LP) The Norvins - Sleepin' On The Highway (Turnin' Around With.....LP) Brom Bones - War Generation (Get Down, Stay Down LP) Fascinations Grand Chorus - Welcome (Fascinations Grand Chorus EP) Caper Clowns - Pockets (The Buca Bus LP) Os Noctambulos - I Went Walking (I Can't Read Your Mind LP) Joe Normal - Maybe Baby (Hollylake and Silverwood LP) Kurt Baker Combo - All For You (In Orbit LP) B Leaguers - World Famous (In A Little Town) (Tales From A Punk Rock Road Trip LP (Split with Hooligan Crooners) Hooligan Crooners - Holy Shit! (Tales From A Punk Rock Road Trip LP) The Hussy's - Sherman Brothers (Tokyo Elephant Brothers LP)
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      #181 Dinosaur Jr - Freak Scene (Bug LP) The Deathray Davies - The Fall Fashions (The Kick and The Snare LP) The Bishops - Breakaway (The Bishops LP) The Beat Nicks - Can't Be Sad About Us (A Big Much Of Sixties Dutch LP) The Madd - Sad Boy (Ongeneeslijk Beat LP) The Unswept - Sally (Fake It EP) Gretchen's Wheel - Disintegrate (Sad Scientist LP) The Lunar Laughs - Mama's Boy (Mama's Boy LP) The FlashPot Moments - Can't Wait To Find Out (The FlashPot Moments LP) Dany Laj and The Looks - Diamonds In The Rough (Alive and Kicking LP) Kontiki Suite - Here For You Now (The Greatest Show On Earth LP) Scottymac - Out In The Rain (Single) The Richies - Fallen Stars (Forever and Today LP) Gretchen's Wheel - The Price (Sad Scientist LP) Fast Cars - No Room For Doubt (Live 1981 LP) The Boo Radleys - There She Goes (So I Married an Axe Murderer Soundtrack LP) Big Wheel - I Hate My Band (Identity Parade LP) Young Francis - Anna (Got Cancer) (Trouble EP) 2Sisters - Don't Go (Single Remix) The Bluetones - Freeze Dried Pop (Dumb It Up) (A Rough Outline LP)
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      This weeks show starts with a challenge from the brilliant radio show "Chasing The Essential" The challenge was to have 5 songs covering 4 decades in under 9 minutes! #180 Elvis - I Got Lucky (I Got Lucky LP) The Kinks - Susannah's still Alive (Single) Bg Star - I'm In Love With A Girl (#1 Record LP) The Stone Roses - Elizabeth My Dear (Stone Roses LP) Teenage Fanclub - Don's Gone Columbia Protex - Because Of You (Tightrope LP) Bachelor Records The Stoneage Hearts - First Kiss (Hung Up On You LP) The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl (Beelzebubba LP) The Difficult Stranger - Acerbic Love Affair (Single) The Teenage Frames - Here Comes The City (1% Faster LP) The Legal Matters - Short Term Memory (Conrad LP) The Sugar Stems - If You Want Me To (Sweet Sounds Of LP) The Rubinoos - I Think We're Alone Now (The Rubinoos LP) Blake Jones & The Trike Shop - At Every Train Stop (Big Stir Power Pop and More CD) Junebug - Cathode Sun (First LP) The Primary 5 - I'll Lay You Down (North Pole LP) Worlds Apart - The Game (The Hard Times That Make You LP) Cancel The Astronauts . Skirts (Single) The Supernaturals - Still Got That Feeling (A Tune A Day LP) The Snails - Mind Control (Dr Acid LP) Erik Voeks - Tired Of Feelin' Alone (So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away LP) Protex - Tightrope (Tightrope LP) Evan Dando - Knowing Me Knowing You (Abba Tribute LP)
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      Solarflairs - Asleep By Midnight (Single) Building Rockets - Love Is All Around (Theme From The Mary Tyler Moore Show) The Lemonheads - Down About It (Come On Feel The Lemonheads LP) Ripchord - Pretty Boring (Beginners Luck LP) Fanscene - Occupying My Mind (French Poetry Revisited LP) Caper Clowns - Mirror Me (The Buca Bus LP) Dany Laj and The Looks - Sweet Pretender (Alive and Kicking LP) Trolley - Caught In The Darkness (Caught In The Darkness LP) Gary Ritchie - Let's Pretend (Poptimistic LP) The Merseybeats - Fortune Teller (Single) The Bank Holidays - Tread Easy (As A Film LP) The Dream Machine - Houdini (Classic Trash LP) Big Wheel - She's Out There (Identity Parade LP) Budgie City FC - Holly, I'm Not Your Friend (Single) The Greenhornes - No More (Gun For You LP) Young Francis - Julia (Hey Julia) (Young Francis Plays Garage Punk EP) Kumari - She Was Mine (Watching You EP) The Who - Out In The Street (My Generation LP) James Blonde - I Want You Forever (International Orange LP) 2000 The Forty Nineteens - I'm Free (Rebooted LP) Allrighters - There You Go Gorkys Zygotic Mynci - Patio Song (Barafundle LP)
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      Gigolo Aunts - Hello (Pacific Ocean Blues LP) The Condors - Don't Want A Girl Who's Been With Jack (Wait For It LP) Junebug - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (First LP) The Sound Explosion - Every Day And Every Night (Single) LampLighters - Tiffani Smiles (Single) The Lillingtons - War Of The Worlds (Death By Television LP) Hawaii Mud Bombers - The Act (Mondo Primo LP) The Movements - All The Lost (Like Elephants 1 LP) Caesars Palace - Right About Time (Cherry Kicks LP) Gretchen's Wheel - Left Turn (Single) The Five Faces - Run Run Run (SX225 LP) Pre-Cog In The Bunker - What Is Real (Response To Reality LP) The Hazey Janes - Your Enemy (Hotel Radio LP) LMNOP - Constant Change (Elemen Opee Elpee LP) The Mad Caddies - Road Rash (Duck And Cover LP) Mark Bacino - Downtown Girl (The Million Dollar Milkshake LP) Monkeeman - Crazy Ann (Jumping On The Monkey Train LP) The Sadies - Lay Down Your Arms (Stories Often Told LP) Television Personalities - Geoffrey Ingram (And Don't The Kids Just Love It LP) The Camera Walls - Clinically Dead For Sixteen Hours (Single) 8x8 - My Summertime High (Inflorescence LP) Nice Man - She's A Monkey (Sauciehall And Hope (A Pop Opera) LP)
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      #177 The Soup Dragons - Hang Ten (This Is Our Art LP) The Exploding Hearts - Jailbird (Guitar Romantic LP) The Lurkers - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Todos Somos Ramones LP) The Mooney Suzuki - Oh No (People Get Ready LP) The Nips - Nobody To Love (Single) The Parasites - You Make Me Feel Good (Non Stop Power pop Vol.1 LP) The Whims - Pick Me Up (The Whims LP) Eddy Delbridge - Sunburn (Sunburn LP) Lost Tapes - Skylines (We Thought It Was Ok At The Time LP) Cotton Mather - Child Bride (Death Of The Cool LP) Sons Of Skooshny - Just a Test (Confection LP) BBC - Over You (Single) Griffs Room Band - Don't Fly Far (Heartbreak/Desire LP) The Hussys - Tiger (Single) Rooney - Blueside (Rooney LP) Ratty And The Watchers - Don't Let The Darkness Rise (Single) Worlds Apart - Turn Away (Change My Grey Skies To Blue LP) Autos Detroit - Believe Me (Second Best LP) Oranger - A View Of The City From An Aeroplane (The Quiet Vibration Land LP)
    7. itunes pic
      #176 HoneyRiders - Turn Me on (All Systems Go LP) The Snails - Other Side (Dr Acid LP) The Cherry Bluestorms - Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Bad Penny Opera LP) The Butlers - She Tried To Kiss Me (Single) The Vanjas - I Need Love (Sings and Plays Rock & Roll LP) Mark And The Clouds - Sheltered By The Wall Of Sound (Cumulus LP) Mod Hippie - Guatamala (Big Wow LP) Average Times - Summer Nights (Average Times LP) Teenage Fanclub - The Cabbage (Thirteen LP) Choo Choo Train - High (Briar High LP) Mark And The Clouds - The Lady Was A Freak (Cumuls LP) Tommy Lorente - Trop De Questions (Un Cruel Manque De Tendresse Rematered LP) Platillos Volantes - No Te Quiero Ver Aqui (EP) The Schizophonics - 2017 (Single) Suzy Y Los Quattro - On Top Of The World (Single) Inspiral Carpets - Find Out Why (Single) Chris Corney - Another You (Built To Be Burned Down LP) Bertling Noise Laboratories - Thirteen (A Little Touch Of Bertling In The Night LP) The Feels - Maybe (Dead Skin LP) The Speak - You Say (Single) The Hangabouts - Cut Down (Illustrated Bird LP) The Undertones - Mars Bar (30th Anniversary LP)
    8. itunes pic
      The Raspberries - I Don't Know What I Want (Greatest LP) The Who - Whisky Man (A Quick One LP) The Fleshtones - Do You Swing (Do You Swing LP) The Yum Yums - Be My Baby (Sweet As Candy LP) Impo And The Tents - Pop Secret (Single) The Bopp - Power My Pop (Single) The Tomboys - All Dressed Up (Single) Stiletto Boys - Time Stands Still (Liberator LP) (RIP Sean Wolfe) Young Fresh Fellows - Young Fresh Fellows Theme (The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific North West LP) Denny Smith - Hyde (An Overnight Low LP) Original Sins - Difference Since Yesterday (Radio Friendly/Turn You On LP) The Forz - A Shot Of Rythm And Blues (Single) The Searchers - Bumble Bee (The Searchers LP) Blue Ash - She's So Nice (15 Number Ones In A Perfect World LP) Nytroglycerine - Behind The Scenes (Single) Jagger Holly - Can't Surf (DJ Free Europe LP) Suzy Y Los Quattro - Here We Go Again (Single) Gary Ritchie - Subtle As A Freight Train (Poptimistic LP) Trolley - Thursday Girl (Caught In The Darkness LP) The Green Pajamas - Ten Million Light Years Away (To The End Of The Sea LP) The Difficult Stranger - Sa Akong Dughan (Creepy Valentine LP)
    9. itunes pic
      The Larks - Whatever You Say (Single) The Jam - Eton Rifles (Single) The Prisoners - Threw My Heart Away (Taste Of Pink LP) Stephen Lawrenson - Thank You (Obscuriosity LP) The Boo Radleys - Boo! Faith (Learning To Walk LP) The Reign - Prize (The Long Wait LP) Shupa - Bullshit Show (Single) Brainpool - Every Day (Soda LP) The Mites - Ashphalt Ocean (Ashphalt Ocean LP) Autos Detroit - Lonesome (Second Best LP) The Laynes - Do Do Do Do Do (I Guess It's Up To You) (Come On Board LP) Cotton Mather - Never Be It (Death Of The Cool LP) Gary Ritchie - Let's Pretend (Poptimistic LP) T.C Folkpunk - Sort Of Like Danielle (Hearsay LP) Eddy Delbridge - Do Nothing Day (Single) Worlds Apart - Always Cold (The Hard Times That Make You LP) Butch Young - Child Of Nature (Mercury Man LP) Martha And The Muffins - Echo Beach (Single) Emptifish - Consul Cruise (EP) Detour Records Larry Lachmann - Crawl On Back (Single)
    10. itunes pic
      Ash - Lose Control (1977 LP) Jonathan Richman - Roadrunner (23 Great Recordings By...LP) The Greenberry Woods - Nervous (Big Money Item LP) The Royal Air Force - Better Behave (EP) Steve Ison - She's Got Something On Me (I Can't Explain) (On The Way Up LP) Pseudonym - I don't Care About Love (Pack Of Lies LP) Stupidity - Bad Luck (Single) Average Times - Summer Nights (Average Times LP) Psychotic Youth - The Voice Of Summer (The Voice Of Summer LP) Psychotic Youth - Let It Go (The Voice Of Summer LP) Psychotic Youth - Goodbye Girl (The Voice Of Summer LP) The Beatpack - Loopin' With Lucy (Single) The Yardbirds - A Certain Girl (For Your Love LP) Orbis Max - Hope You Love Me Too (Single) The Genuine Fakes - Guns And Roses Saved My Life (Single) The Dadds - Non Plus Jamais (French Kiss LP) The Mads - Psycho Rock 'N' Roll Art (In Italiano EP) La Panther Happens - Never Meant To Last (For The Night Crawlers LP) The Unswept - Sally (Fake It EP)


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