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Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

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You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

Supporting unsigned artists from around the world, the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is aired on 7 radio stations around the world from the US to Hong Kong and beyond. Playing music of volume, passion, attitude and grace, the music the mainstream radio stations monopolised by the record companies won't play you. Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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    Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper (Single) The Smart Folk - Yesterday Repeating (Yesterday-Repeating LP) 65MPH - Tightrope (Single) Nick Frater - Your Latest Breakup Song (Full Fathom Freight Train LP) Nahuel Pisano - Beneath The Eyes (Glory Days LP) The Penetrators - Time Is Mine (Single) Burghers - But Not Today (Last Days Of Man LP) Burghers - You Know I know (Last Days Of Man LP) Surf Katz - Winter Wonderland (Single) Lucas Aaron - Garbage Days (Lose Your Mind LP) Sham 69 - Hurry Up harry (Single) Velvet - Drift (Single) The Fast Camels - Honeymoon (Full Of Strange LP) Smug Brothers - Everyone Is Really Five (Single) The Farsiders - T Petty (A Long Time Passing LP) The Pretty Things - The Sun (Emotions LP) The Old 97's - Can't Get A Line (Satellite Rides LP) The Jam - Slow Down (In The City LP) Popdudes - Dream Baby (Single) Big Stir Records Fabienne Delsol - No Love To Give (Four LP)
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    Toy Dolls - She Goes To Finos (Single) The Difficult Stranger - When I Think Of You (Single) The Amplifier Heads - The Boy With The Amplifier Head (Loudah LP) Athanor - Approximately Eternity (Single) Fran Lebowvitz - Party Jam (Single) The Aquaholics - Spy Vs Spy (Surfing With Satan LP) The Suncharms - Jet Plane (Single) The Drool Brothers - It's A Drag (Positive Reinforcement Cookies LP) The Kite Collectors - This Is Me Again (Don't Look Down LP) Danny McDonald - Cordyline (Single) Popboomerang Records The Elevator Operators - On The Ground (Single) Lilys - Nanny In Manhattan (Single) Pablo Matisse - I will Follow You To The Dark (Single) Blue Statue - So To Speak (Single) Los Marcianos - Desaparecer Hasta El Domingo (Contra El Mundo LP) Paul Harvey - 320 (Single) Denny Smith - The Whole Worlds Clown (From The Dark LP) Bob And Earl - Ooh Honey Baby (Single) The Fast Camels - Full Of Strange (Full Of Strange LP) Son Of Skooshny - Cold (Single) The Seven And Six - See You Again (EP #1)
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    The Animals - Baby, Let Me Take You Home (Single) Tom Baker - Weird Romance (Dirty Snakes LP) Jordan Jones - Understood (Jordan Jones LP) Nick Eng - Reminiscing (Nick Eng LP) Travoltas - American Vitamin (Step On The Gas and Don't Look Back LP) Extra Arms - Disruptor (Up From Here LP) Northern Uproar - Rollercoaster (Single) Garlands - Protector (Animals EP) The Last - Every Summer Day (LA Explosion LP) The Trend - Innocent Dreamer (One and One Make Three EP) In Deed - I'm Alright (When I'm With You) (Single) The Doughboys - Play With Fire (Running For Covers LP) Howdy - My Little Giant (Single) The Zags - Catalina Serafina (The Cliff LP) The Zombies - Hung Up On A Dream (Odyssey and Oracle LP) Orbis Max with David Woodard - Dream Girl (Single) The Zags - Wanna Wanna (The Cliff LP) Joe Normal and The Anytown'rs - This Is Your Life (And Your Destiny's Calling) (Single) Pernice Brothers - Skinny Jeanne (Spread The Feeling LP)
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    John Paul - I Wanna Know (Single) Splitsville - Forever (The Complete Pet Soul LP) The Suncharms - Monster Club (Single) The Dell-Vettes - Ram Charger (Pebbles Vol.4 (Surf and Tunes) LP) Love Hearts - Angel Face (Love Heart LP) Nomad Anthem - Endeavour (Endevour LP) Nick Frater - Sunshine After Rain (Full Fathom Freight Train LP) The Speedways - Lonely Girl (Just Another Regular Summer LP) The Promdates - Out Of My Mind (Beer Run LP) Iguana Death Cult - Spasms (Nude Casino LP) The Seven And Six - Dreaming With You Again (EP #1) ANC4 - When We Were There (ANC4 LP) Bikini Wipeouts - Hawaii (Split The Waves EP) Blondie - Atomic (Single) The Born Readies - Get After It (It's Just Rock And Roll LP) The Red Lite District - Psycho, Man! (The Bang Gang EP) Iguana Death Cult - Nude Casino (Nude Casino LP) The Attic Lights - Kings Of Whatever (Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks LP) The Smoggers - In YOur Lies (Get Stoned On Fuzz LP) The Zags - (We Will Be) Awesome (The Cliff LP) The Regning Monarchs - Fanfare For The Well Dressed Man (The Reigning Monarchs LP)
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    #319 The Brogues - I ain't No Miracle Worker (Single) The Seven and Six - The Skeleton Surfer (Single) Travoltas - Waimea (Baja California LP) The Revillos - Motorbike Beat (Live From The Orient LP) More Kicks - Blame It On The Satellite (More Kicks LP) ANC4 - Easy Way Out (ANC4 LP) Roger Arvidson (ANC4) Interview. ANC4 - No More Words (ANC4 LP) 65MPH - Big Noise (Pure Youth For Shields LP) Zac - Count On Me (Zac LP) Nick Piunti and The Complicated Men - All This Time (Single) The Gants - I Wonder (Single) Joe Kane - Love Yer Booty (Single) The Catenary Wires - Tie Me To The Rails (Til The Morning LP) The Farsiders - When I Fell (A Long Time Passing LP) David Woodard - Everything In Between (Everything In Between LP) The Eyeberries - Getaway Car (Don't Blink LP) The Deep Six - I'll Be Back Someday (It's Happening LP) Small Faces - Sorry She's Mine (Small Faces LP) Michael Cooke - Loosing My Mind For Nothing (Single) Luck, Now - A Good Flying Bird (Enough For Now LP)
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    The Supernaturals - Still Got That Feeling (A Tune A Day LP) The Lemonaids - I Can't Surf (Without You) (Drop In Wipe Out LP) Housewarming Party - Love Seat (Baby Teeth LP) The Eyeberries - Riot On The Cemetery Street (Don't Blink LP) Sharawaji Records Local Drags - Pins (The Boys Are Still In Town EP) Stardumb Records Dot Dash - Holly Garland (Searchlight LP) The Records - Faces at The Windows (Crashes LP) The Specials - Dawning Of A New Era (Specials LP) Hot Nun - Anyway (Born To Blaze EP) BBC - Anyway (Everybody's Angry Nowadays LP) The Embrooks - Going But Not Gone (We Who Are EP) The Persian Leaps - Catnip For Cupid (Single) Big Stir Records The Walker Brigade - Tower (Single) Big Stir Records Ben Vogel - Cassidy (Whistling After Midnight LP) The Jam - Saturdays Kids (Setting Sons LP) The Skullers - She Denies Herself The Things She Loves (Freight Trains and Party Games LP) The Rafters - Don't Waste My Time (Single) Mythical Motors - Crashing Waves Of Fascination (Mythical Motors LP) Liam Gallagher - Shockwave (Why Me, Why Not LP) Paul Groovy and The Pop Art Experience - White Light (You're The Best Thing LP) Don Ray - Born A Loser (Single)
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    #317 Mort Shurman - I'm A Man (Single) Foxywombat - Two Drinks, Two Deep (Single) Buddy Love Goes Coconuts - Buddy Love Theme (Buddy Love Goes Coconuts LP) ANC4 - Easy Way Out (ANC4 LP) Extra Arms - F.L.Y (Up From Here LP) Surf School Dropouts - Destination Sunshine (Second Nature LP) The Armoires - (How Did You Make) A Mistake Like Me (Single) Matthew Milia - Sometime It Feels Like My Arms Falling Off (Alone At St Hugo LP) Dave Molter - Tell Me That You Love Me (Foolish Heart EP) Super 8 - I Just Wanna Be Me (Single) Teenage Fanclub - Ain't That Enough (Songs From Northern Britain LP) The Go All The Ways - Silly Girl (Single) Big Stir Youth Chairs - I Want You Different (Single) The Bellrays - I Can't Hide (Live Session For The Ice Cream Man) The Bellrays - Testify (Live Session For The Ice Cream Man) Mariachi Death Squad - Wild Oh Nothing (You've Been Hit By.....LP) Vista Blue - Big Stars (Hit The Floor Single) The Successful Failiures - No White Knights In Knoxville (Saratoga LP) Ex Norwegian - Feelin' It (Something Unreal: The Best Of... LP) The Most - It's Alright (Beat Beat Room LP)
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    The Insiders - I'm Just A Man (Single) Tremendous - Copycat Killer (Single) Los Pepes - Automatic (Automatic LP) Beluga Bikini Wipeouts - Pretty Surfer Girl (Split The Waves EP) The Yum Yums - Right Now (Sweet As Candy LP) All The V Words - Vixen (All The V Words LP) Eddie and The Hot Rods - Do Anything You Wanna Do (Single) The Smoggers - Crazy Land (Get Stoned On Fuzz LP) Lone Wolf - Something To Destroy (Together Alone LP) Stardumb Records Attic Lights - Louis (Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks LP) Wolforna - The Fleet/Better Watch Your Back (Acoustic Session for ICM) The Forz - Out There (Single) The Sunchymes - Emily Layne (Single) Cassettes - She Gets What She Wants (Wild Heart LP) The Speedways - Reunion In The Rain (Just Another Regular Summer LP) The Old 97's - Designs On You (Satellite Rides LP) The Zombies - Road Runner (Begin Here LP) Local Drags - 500 Hours (Shit's Looking Up LP) Idol Lips - Too Loud For The Crowd (Street Values LP) Golden Fang - Ghosts Of Your Golden Age (Lucky Money Sunshine LP)
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    #315 The Kinks - Come On Now (Single) Lone Wolf - Into The Unknown (Together Alone LP) The Peawees - As Long As You Can Sleep (Moving Target LP) The New Piccadilys - I'd Much Rather Be Out With The Boys (Introducing The New Piccadilys LP) The Bellrays - Never Say Die (Covers LP) Sabbath Cover Tennis Club - Vodkas (Pink LP) Pernice Brothers - The Devil and The Jinn (Spread The Feeling LP) Michael Seal And The Be Positives - Lights On But Nobody's Home (The Be Positives LP) The See No Evils - Hold On (Out Of The Shadows LP) Echoes Of ilion - Alexander (The Song Of Alexander LP) Division Of Laura Lee - LAX (Violence Is Timeless LP) Danny Wilkerson - Too Much of A Good Thing (Wilkerson LP) Alpaca Sports - Nobody Cares But Me (From Paris With Love LP) The Old 97's - Time Bomb (Too Far To Care LP) Vista Blue - It Must Be Nice (Opening Day EP) The Jam - Start (Single) The Bristol Stingrays - Man In The Moon (Use No Hooks LP) Rick Fink - The Broken Hearted Side Of Town (The Infinite Now & Then LP) Soft On Crime - The Uncommon Good (In The Terrarium LP) The Born Readies - Automatic (It's Just Rock & Roll LP)
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    The Beatersband - The Girl Of My Best Friend (Single) Joe Kane - Your Own Sweet Sheila (Single) 65MPH - I'm A Tension Seeker (Single) The Bookends - Sing This Song (Single) The New Piccadillys - Judy Is A Punk Rocker (Single) Caroline and The Treats - Let's Do It (Bad All Over LP) The Decibels - Stupidity (Scene Not Heard LP) The Crags - Different Way (Single) The Morning Line - I Can't Say (Single) Edwin Starr - You Beat Me To The Punch (Single) The Detroit Cobras - The Real Thing (Baby LP) The Lemonaids - Beach Blonde Girl (Back To The Beach LP) The Earls Of Satan - Backstabbers (Searching For Light LP) The Hangabouts - Who Wants Cilla (Single) It's Karma, It's Cool - Raised By Engineers (Hipsters & Aeroplanes LP) The Chesterfields - Ask Johnny Dee (Single) Andre* M - Escape Plan (Tearing Loose LP) Maze - Can You Feel It. (Single) The Brothers Steve - Carry Me (The Brothers Steve LP) Local Drags - Can Probably Wait (Shit's Lookin' Up LP) Operation Octopus - Evil Thought (El Calavera LP) Tennis Club - Baby (Pink LP)

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