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Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

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You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

Supporting unsigned artists from around the world, the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is aired on 7 radio stations around the world from the US to Hong Kong and beyond. Playing music of volume, passion, attitude and grace, the music the mainstream radio stations monopolised by the record companies won't play you. Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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    Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari (Single) The Bristol Stingrays - Ten Fat Fingers (Ticket From Home LP) The Glad Machine - Virginia (Ice Cream Man Compilation LP) Streetcar Conductors - It Sounded Like The End Of The World (The Best Of LP) REM - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (Single) The Galileo 7 - The World Looks Different Today (Single) Soul Engines - Roza (Closer Still LP) The Fast Camels - Full Of Strange (Single) Prince Buster - Freezing Up On Orange Street (Single) Super 8 - Love Like Ours (Single) Attic Lights - Mona Lisa (Super Deluxe LP) King Ghidora - Planetary Destroyer (The Secret Origin Of An Unknown Planetary Destroyer LP) Stiff Little Fingers - Tin Soldiers (Stiff Little Fingers LP) Vegas With Randolph - Give In To Love (Single) Graham Day And The Forefathers - Sucking Out My Insides (Good Things (Expanded Edition) LP) Los Infartos - The Man Who Lives There (El Narco Ritmo LP) Area Pirata Records The Buzz . Sparks (Sparkle and Pop LP) Talulah Gosh - The Girl With The Strawberry Hair (Backwash LP) Colin's Godson - (Love In The Time Of Colin's Godson LP)
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    #302 Mike Pedecin - Burn Toast and Black Coffee (Single) Rooni - Label (Single) Howdy - I Will Do It (Single) The Jackets - Loser's Lullaby (Queen Of The Pill LP) The Playmates - If (Listen LP) Psychotic Youth - You're The One (21 LP) Amoeba Teen (Coming On) Stronger (Medium Wave LP) Soulbirds - Annabelinda (Flypast LP) The Hollies - Yes I Will (Single) The Bristol Stingrays - All I Know (Ticket From Home LP) Dirty Pretty Things - Radio Song (Single) The Doughboys - Yo-Yo (Single) RAF - Want You To Know (Single) ICM Screwballs & Curveballs Dave Molter - Mid Century Man (Single) Cosmic Rough Riders - Revolution (In The Summertime) (Panorama LP) Fountains Of Wayne - Red Dragon Tattoo (Utopia Parkway LP) The Kyle Sowashes - Cinnamon Challenge (I Don't Know What To Tell You LP) The Galileo 7 - Crooked Smile (There Is Only Now LP) Kurt Baker Combo - Pack My Bags (I Can't Help) Falling In Love (Single) Geoffrey C Palmer - Cha Ching (Pulling Out All The Stops LP) Local Drags - 500 Hours (Shits Looking Up LP
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    Built To Spill - Hindsiht (There Is No Enemy LP) Simon Love - Not If I See You First (Sincerely, S Love LP) Plutonium Baby - What Kind Of Humans Are They (Blast! LP) The Stan Laurels - Maximum Zen (Maybe LP) The Razerbills - Ghost Train (Single) Love Dolls - Be My Baby (Single) Yum Yums Cover The Junior League - Falling In Love (ICM Comp) The Parson Redheads - Today Is The Day (Blurred Harmony LP) Ashes For Dreams - Hands Off (Cut You Loose LP) Duncan Reid And The Bigheads - Baby Baby (Single) Supergrass - Alright (Single) Fast Cars - Real Love (Single) The Night Times - I Got My Mind On You (Single) Slyboots - I Don't Know You Now (Single) Los Infartos - Surf Dakota (El Narco Ritmo EP) The Mads - Turn Me Up (Single) 40th Anniversary The Supernaturals - Roberta And Xica (Bird Of Luck LP) Madness - Believe Me (One Step Behind LP) The Vanjas - Blast Off (The Vanjas Sing and Play Rock & Roll LP)
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    Teenage Fanclub - Everything Flows (Single) The Sharks - I Fucking Love You (Cocaine Radio EP) Mark And The Spies - But I Do (Mark And The Spies LP) The Nerves - When You Find Out (Single) The Stands - Here She Comes Again (Single) The Unswept - The Boy Who Wakes You Up (Fake It LP) The Yum Yums - It Must Be Love (Play Good Music LP) The Peawees - Walking Through My Hell (Moving Target LP) Nada Surf - Brightside (If I had A Hifi LP) Boo Radleys - The Finest Kiss (Learning To Walk LP) Mazzy Star - Fade Into You (Single) The Posies - I may Hate You Sometimes (Faliure LP) The Jags - Back Of My Hand (Single) The Popravinas - She's Going South (California Sonic LP) The Small Faces - I'm Only Dreaming (Small Faces LP) Lorraine Silver - Lost Summer Love (Single) Phonograph - Don't You Bring Me Down (Phonograph Vol 1 LP) Pink Beam - Wrote Me A Letter (Single) The Jam - Start (Single)
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    The Charlatans - The Only One I Know (Some Friendly LP) The Gold Needles - Goodnight Mr. Tom (Through A Window LP) Boudica - Different Today (Single) Roky Erickson and The Aliens - I Walked With A Zombie (The Evil One LP) Tennis - Car Beers (Pink LP) Local Drags - Water Wings (Shit's Lookin' Up LP) Super 8 - Love Like Ours (Ice Cream Man Compilation) Lucy And The Rats - Stick To You (Single) Weeklings - I want You Again (Single) Geoffrey C Palmer - I Like Murder Too (Pulling Out All The Stops LP) The Jolt - Mr Radio Man (The Jolt LP) Dave Molter - Fading Away (Mid Century Man LP) Onesie - Award Show (Umpteenth LP) The Essex - Don't Fight It Baby (Single) Plasticsoul - The Ghost Inbetween Us (Single) Big Stir Records Suburban Homes - Magazine Version (Single) Geoffrey C Palmer - This One's Gonna Be Hot (Pulling Out All The Stops LP) Vista Blue - Nashville Scooter Club (Single) Nick Frater - Full Fathom Freight Train (Ice Cream Man Comp LP) Onesie - Amour Phuss (Umpteenth LP) The Peawees - Burning Love (Peawees LP)
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    13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me (The Psychedelic Sounds Of LP) Tami Shutt w Orbis Max - Don't Let It Slip Away (Single) Richard X Heyman - Action Screams Louder Than Words (Pop Circles LP) The Great Affairs - Satellite (The 2019 Sessions Volume 1 LP) The Lemonheads - The Great Big No (Come On Feel The Lemonheads LP) The Supernaturals - Magpie (Bird Of Luck LP) The Bluetones - The Devil Behind My Smile (Rough Outline, Singles and B sides LP) Golden Fang - Loose Cannons (Never Tire For Sound LP) The Ethiopians - Free Man (Single) Blank Pages - Into The Ether (Into The Ether LP) Mary Kate & Trashley - Noonan (Make A Record LP) David Brookings and The Average Lookings - I Grow Up Fast (Scorpio Monologue LP) The Backseat Angels - Hot Rod High (Eric Knoxx Presents LP) Inspiral Carpets - Move (Life LP) Young Francis - Summer Days (Single) The Supernaturals - Negativity (Bird Of Luck LP) Caddy - Secret Hiding Place (Ten Times Four LP) Trent Miller - Time Between Us (Time Between Us LP) Roky Erickson - You Don't Love Me Yet (All That May Do Rhyme LP)
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    Elvis Costello - Olivers Army (Single) Pete Milo - New Way Of Thinking (Ice Cream Man Comp) Surf Katz - Breezy (Single) The Kryng - So Many Girls (So Many Girls LP) Bickerton Records/Bandcamp The Speedways - In Common With You (Just Another Regular Summer LP) The Buzz - Surrender (Sparkle & Pop EP) The Rockinghams - She Gives Me Everything I want (Makin' Bacon LP) The Jagaloons - Knife Bumps (Ruin The Party LP) Sharawaji Records Prefab Sprout - Faron Young (Steve McQueen LP) Jordan Jones - Wrote You A Song For Me (Jordan Jones LP) Ray Paul - I Need Your Love Tonight (Bloody Rubbish LP) The Needs - Summerbore (Single) The Kinks - Come On Now (Kinda Kinks LP) Broken Arrows - Worst Of The Rest (Single) She Rides Tigers - No Way Out (Scars LP) Orbis Max - No Matter What (Single) Badfinger Stephen Lawrenson - Once Upon A Time (Demos 2018 LP) Mythical Motors - Endless Distance Of Belief (Elevated Levels LP) Mondello - You Do You (Hello, All You Happy People LP)
  8. itunes pic
    Mary Wells - Bye Bye Baby (Single) Bay City Rollers - Let's Go (Once Upon A Star LP) Orange Humble Band - Can't Get What You Want (Assorted Creams LP) The Peawees - Justify (Moving Target LP) Building Rockets - Party Of Two (ICM Comp) Maxwell Kite - I'm Not Ready For This (Single) The Doves - Wasted (Single) Gigolo Aunts - Bloom (Flippin' Out LP) The Unswept - Acoustic Session for ICM The Unswept - The Boy Who Wakes You Up (Minor Blemishes LP) Thee Mighty Caesars - I Self Destroy (Wise Blood LP) Super 8 - Something New (Backers and Maracas LP) The Byrds - Have You Seen Her Face (The Byrds LP) Thrift Store Halo - Soul Crusade (Consolation Prize Fighter EP) Tommy and The Rockets - What Am I S'pose Ta Do (Beer & Fun & Rock & Roll LP) The Trend - Tune Me In (Single) The Bristol Stingrays - Man In The Moon (Use No Hooks LP)
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    #295 Teenage Fanclub - Don's Gone Columbia (Single) Thee Moot - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (Peel It To Reveal It LP) Goldstoned - Don't Look Down (ICM Compilation) Phenomenal Cat - Yours Sincerely (Postcards From The British Empire LP) Small Faces - Get Yourself Together (Single) Librarians With Hickeys - Until There Was You (Single) The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club - Get Up Get Up (Single) The Unswept - I'm Still Here (Minor Blemishes LP) Tommy Lorente - Ta Musique De Sauvage (ICM Comp) International Kansas City Playboys - Quittin' Time (Single) The Decibels - It's Not Me (Scene, Not Herd LP) Camens - Time Is Precious (Single) The Proper Ornaments - In The Garden (Six Lenins LP) James Micah Bisnight - Living The Way I Want (Single) Joe Sullivan - Birthday (Growing Up Schlockstar LP) Youth Chairs - Your Perfect World (Some Kind Of Amusement Park LP) ANC4 - You're The One (Single) The Kaams - Floating In My Fantasy (Kick It LP) The Kariannes - This Song Is A Cure (Single) Big Stir Records The Old 97's - Designs On You (Satellite Rides LP)
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    MC5 - Ramblin' Rose (Single) The Peawees - Walking Through My Hell (Moving Target LP) The Beths - Uptown Girl (Future Me Hates Me LP) Pat Todd and The Rank Outsiders - Bang Bang and Then You're Dead (Single) Beluga Mondello - Go Away, April (Don't Go Away) (Hello, All You Happy People LP) Amoeba Teen - Suit and Tie (Single) Big Stir The Trip Takers - All I want (Don't Back Out Now LP) Tony Borlotti & Suoi Flauers - Belinda Contro i Magiadischi (Belinda Contro i Magiadischi LP) The Backdoor Society - The Magics Gone (The Backdoor Society LP) Marshall and The Martians - Maxwin (Single) The Lambrettas - Another Day, Another Girl (Page 3) (Single) Jonny Magus and The Bursting Bubbles - The Night Of A Thousand Stars (Single) Richard Turgeon - Beware Of God (Single) The Popravinas - Sofia (Acoustic Session for Ice Cream Man) The Popravinas - Dun Me In (Acoustic Session for Ice Cream Man) The Che Men - Mill Hill (Single) Armchair Oracles - Porcelain Heart (Caught By The Light LP) The Armoires - Not A Good Man (How Did You Make) A Mistake Like Me? LP) The Unswept - Brown Line (Minor Blemishes LP)

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