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Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

1662437_603030319820142_6689507823941703046_n Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More - RADIOLANTAU.COM

You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

Supporting unsigned artists from around the world, the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is aired on 7 radio stations around the world from the US to Hong Kong and beyond. Playing music of volume, passion, attitude and grace, the music the mainstream radio stations monopolised by the record companies won't play you. Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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    REM - Near Wild Heaven (Out Of Time LP) The Unswept - Another Bubble (The Unswept Today LP) Carbon Poppies - Rain On My Face (Rain On My Face LP) Elefant Records from L.A The Moonbeats - Coffee Grounds (Coffee Grounds LP) Worlds Apart - Hello (Single) The High Numbers - Zoot Suit (Single) Attic Lights - Stay Before You Leave (Super De Luxe LP) Trouble Pilgrims - Long Way To The Sun (Dark Shadows And Rust LP) Modest Proposal - After You (Long Time Ago LP) Athanor - Magic In Me (Hills Of The Universe LP) The Hollies - Bus Stop (Single) Jon Magnusson - Rely On Me (Always A Rebel EP) Paul Collins - Go (Out Of My Head LP) The Grip Weeds - Mr Nervous (Trip Around The Sun LP) The Undertones - Tomorrow's Tears (Dig Yourself Deep LP) James - She's A Star (Single) Jo Jolisper - Static Man (Pop Pala Dili Gidu LP) Hector Collectors - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A 25 Minute Response Video to destroy Your Argument (Single) Joe Matera - Fallen Angel (Creature Of Habit LP) Paul Collins - Tick Tock (Out Of My Head LP)
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    Buffalo Springfield - On The Way Home (Last Time Around LP) Eric Stracenere - Break Your Heart Again (Levee LP) The Rallies - All Of Us (Single) Orbis Max - Ride (Single) The Wrong Society - I Really Don't Care (Tell Me You'll Be Mine Single) Tommy Sistak - You Can't Change Me (Ready Steady Go Go LP) Great Scott - Another Part Of Town (Demo) White Flag Dares - Make My Day (We Dare Ya! EP) The Papashangos - The Poncho Song (Just The Tip EP) Killer Hearts - Death On The Dial (Split Single with Trouble Boys) Empty Hours - Lost In Translation (It's About Time LP) Shining Lights - Hypnotic Signs (Hypnotic Signs LP) The Keepers - Hippies and Punks (Single) Three Hour Tour - Gray Waves (You Never Know LP) The Connection - You Know (Wish You Success LP) The Boo Radleys - Alone Again Or (Learning To Walk LP) Mod Hippie - And Everyone The Fashion (So Sorry) Wannabe Nobody LP) The Markeys - Last Night (Single)
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    Gillian Hills - Rentre San Moi (Leave Me Be (Single) The Vanjas - Oh Baby (The Vanjas Sing and Play Rock And Roll LP) Gretchen's Wheel - The Maze (Black Box Theory LP) Lisa Mychols - Now That You're Gone (Sugar LP) The Bookends - Mean What You Say (Far Away But Around LP) Vibeke Saugestad - Out Of Time (Into The Shimmering LP) Caper Clowns - Pretty & Underwear (A Salty Taste To The Lake LP) The Supernaturals - Robot Wars (Single) Athanor - Now I Know (Hills Of The Universe LP) Fezz - Ladyland Batswingers (Single) The Duke Of Surl - Out Of It (Out Of It LP) The Nashville Teens - That's My Woman (Single) Dee Rangers - Older Guys (All You Need Tonight LP) Balkan Falcon - Up All Night (MMishering Light LP) Hux and The Hitmen - Stay With Me (Soggy Oxygen EP) The Vinylos - Pretty Green (Single) Lannie Flowers - Don't Make Me Wait (Single) Bryan Estepa - No Ordinary (Single) Lilystar Records The Caper Clowns - Paper Trail (A Salty Taste To The Lake LP) Vista Blue - What Is Love (And You have Pizza EP)
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    Blur - Advert (Modern Life Is Rubbish LP) The Dahlmanns - American Heartbeat (Single) Jangle Town - Ramblin' Boots (Single) Tiger Bomb - Baby Come On (Single) Music City - Do I (Single) The Suncharms - Tranquil Day (The Suncharms LP) The Darling Buds - Evergreen (Single) Blackbirds FC - Even Then I Love You (Life Science EP/Mini LP) The Turnback - Safe Place (Spinning The Earth In Reverse LP) Pablo Mantisse - Wasting Light (Single) Extra Arms - Push The Button (Headacher LP) John Moore and The Expressway - Something About You Girl (Expressway Rising LP) Tommy Lorente & La Cavalerie - Ne Parle Pas De Nous (Don't Talk About Us) (Self titled LP) Dee Rangers - I'm Your Fool (All You Need Tonight LP) Low Impact Records Vista Blue - I Just Spilled My Drink On The Prom Queen (And You Have Pizza Mini LP) Alpaca Sports - Saddest Girl In The World (From Paris With Love LP) Elefant Records The Turnback - Untitled So Far (Spinning The Earth In Reverse LP) Extra Arms - Why I Run (Headacher LP) Dee Rangers - PowerslamVI (All You Need Tonight LP) Alpaca Sports - I'l Do Anything You Want (From Paris With Love LP)
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    #259 Love - Bummer In The Summer (Forever Changes LP) Ex Norwegian - Marquees 1970's (No Sleep LP) The Vulz - Get With Me (Love Struck Bomb Delay LP) The Dahlmanns - Get It Right (American Heartbeat EP) Beluga Records The Hasbros - Kenny (Cart Before The Horse LP) Joe Bob and Ken from NY The Coral - Eyes Like Pearls (Single and Move Through The Dawn LP) Mooner - The Stand In (Satisfaction Promise LP) Javier Escovado - Don't Tell Me Lies (Demos) Ken Sharp - Lemons To Lemonade (Beauty In The Backseat LP) In Deed - According To You (Everest LP) The Mayfields - All I Ever Say (Flexi Single) The Brixton Riot - Bring On The Dancing Horses (Mint 400 Records At The Movies LP) Michael Crawford - Help Me (Single) The Left Banke - Let Go Of You Girl (There's Gonna Be a Storm, Complete Recordings LP) Sweden - Back Again (Single) Ken Sharp - Ring On Your Finger (Beauty In The Backseat LP) In Deed - Don't Need, Don't Care (Everest LP) Vista Blue - Five Nights (The Kids Still Don't Like It EP) The Turnback - What She Said (Drawn In Chalk LP)
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    #258 The Suncharms - Red Dust (Single) The Living End - What Would You Do (Modern Artillery LP) The Yum Yums - Your Biggest Fan (Blame It On The Boogie LP) Blank Pages - Red Eye Love (Before Your Summer Ends LP) 65mph - Brutus (Single) The Zombies - Just Out Of Reach (Begin Here LP) The Prisoners - Hurricane (The Wiser Miser Demelza & 7 EP) Fuzzy Vox - Hurricane (Single) The Diciplines - Hurricane (Smoking Kills LP) Caddy - Miracle Turn (Ten Times Four LP) The Imperial Sound - Yesterday (The New AM LP) Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (Single) Dave Sheinin - Oh Amelia (First Thing Tomorrow LP) Sugarplum Fairy - Stay Young (Young And Armed LP) Richard Turgeon - Found Out About You (Single) The Hasbros - Nothing At All (Cart Before The Horse LP) Dave Sheinin - Talking To Myself (First Thing Tomorrow LP) Surfin' Lungs - Not That Kind Of Girl (Surf Factor 8 LP) 2Sisters - Johnny (Single) Irene - Stardust (Single)
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    #257 The Searchers - Western Union (Single) The Most - Problem (Auto Destructive Art LP) Vista Blue - My Dad Listens To The Ramones (The Kids Still Don't Like It EP) Television Personalities - Geoffrey Ingram (And Don't The Kids Just Love It LP) Teenage Fanclub - About You (Acoustic) (Ultimate TFC Bootleg) Pugwash - It's Nice To Be Nice (Jolity LP) The Selecter - Missing Words (Single) Addison Love - Wee & Nancy Lee (Thoughts On Lunch LP) William Duke - Cue Up The Memories (Quatro LP) Soulbird - One Road (Raven Kings LP) Len Price 3 - Comanche (Chinese Burn LP) Los Paradiso - Surfing With The Mummy (Los Paradiso LP) The Weeklings - Baby You're A Rich Man Daniel Wylies Cosmic Rough Riders - Follow You (Chrome Cassettes LP) The Armoires - Alesandra 619 Mr Bloe - Groovin' With Mr Bloe (Single) Empty Hours - Set It Straight (It's About Time LP) Kurt Baker Combo - Foolish Stuff (Let's Go Wild LP) Nick Piunti - No Return (Temporary High LP)
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    #256 Generation X - Ready Steady Go (Single) The Outryders - Hollow Victory (Single) The Great Affairs - The Day I Let You Go (Ten & 2 LP) The Jam - Strange Town (Single) Amoeba Teen - Hearts and Minds (Selection Box LP) Kool Kat The Doves - Maybe Tomorrow (Single) The Goodnight Loving - Doesn't Shake Me (The Goodnight Loving Supper Club LP) Caper Clowns - Sacre Bleu (Single) The Jibes - Black Coat Woman (Single) Clifford Records The 16 Eyes - Dead Blow Hammer (Look LP) Area Pirata Records The Deep Six - I'm Only Dreaming (Single) B Side of "It's Happening" The Rizzos - Bless this Mess (ICM COMP) Alrighters - You're The One For Me (New Album Track) Buddamonkey - Nine (Single) Willie Mitchell - That Driving Beat (Single) Sons Of Morning - I Just Don't Understand (Single) The Greyhound Factory - The Genie and The Gun (Single) Starjets - War Stories (Single) Dot Dash - Worlds Last Payphone (Single) Alton Ellis and Flames - Girl I've Got a Date (Single)
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    The Bluetones - Are You Blue Or Are You Blind (Single) Tommy And The Rockets - She's The One (I Wanna Be Covered LP) The Stan Laurels - Maybe (Maybe LP) Danny Wilkerson - Enough For Somebody (Wilkerson LP) Slyboots - Beautiful Loser (Single) Smug Brothers - Rare And Double Clutch (Single) Lannie Flowers - Let It Go (Single) The 1984 Draft - Lately (Makes Good Choices LP) White Flag Dares - Break The Mould (Single) The Sweat - Why'd Ya Have To Lie (No More Running LP) Mike Pace And The Child Actors - Blaster (Smooth Sailing LP) Phil Seymour - I Found Love (Phil Seymour LP) The Bookends - A Girl Like Me (Far Away But Around LP) Fezz - Good And Well (Number 2 EP) Beluga Records Scunner - The Final Waltz (Subtraction Jack LP) The Reaction - I'll Never Be Your Boyfriend (Single) The Bookends - Count The Times (Far Away But Around LP) Otto Raw Recordings The Del- Vetts - Last Time Around (Nuggets LP) Dom Clark Trio - If You Never Try (Single) The Number Ones - Breaking Loose (Another Side Of LP)
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    Phenomenal Cat - Wild Animals (Of The British Isles) (Single) Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons - Dawn (Go Away) (Single) The Young Sinclairs - You Can Have Her (We Spoke Our Minds EP) Mike Daly and The Planets - Slack (Songs We Learnt At Sundae School LP) The Reigning Monarchs - The Duke (The Reigning Monarchs LP) Dennis Elsworth - Absent Mind (Things Change LP) Dr Bird - East London Cleopatra (Part Of My Plan EP) Duncan Reid and The Big Heads - Let's Skip To The Best Bit (Bombs Away LP) 65mph - 5 Red Roses (Single) Super 8 (Paul Ryan) Good Times (Acoustic Session) Super 8 (Paul Ryan) Jesus Is My Friend (Acoustic Session) Royal Air Force - Why, Why, Why? (Single) Stephen Bluhm - April Showers (Stephen Bluhm LP) Marshal And The Martians - Maxwin (Bundamba LP) Dom Mariani And The Majestic Kelp - Freeway Ace (Hi Seas LP) Sugarbush The Yardbirds - A Certain Girl (Single) Dr Bird - Tiny Acorns (Part Of My Plan EP) Bbuteo - Please Denise (Single) Sons Of Morning - I Just Don't Understand (Single)


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