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  • New KORN
  • Rare Hair from Guns N’ Roses, Diamond Head, Heavy Pettin’, Ammunition, and Contraband
  • Hits & Deep Cuts from AC/DC, Metallica, Texas Hippie Coalition, Bon Jovi, Slaughter,
    Godsmack, Kiss, Mr. Big, Shaman’s Harvest, Dokken, Cinderella, Motley Crue, and more!
  • A Cinderella reunion?!
  • The Guns N’ Roses song so controversial they even left it out of their box set!
  • Hard Rock from Scotland!
  • Sam Kinison!
  • Whataburger: a Texas tragedy
  • A 1966 classic that holds a unique Rock N’ Roll record even today
  • Cruel CRUE Summer
  • More of that interview with Duff McKagan
  • Watch the complete Duff McKagan interview with Yahoo! Music editor-in-chief Lyndsey Parker


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New Music Premiere:

Cover Song of the Week

Beds by Audionautix.

Transcript of the Show


This is Hard, Heavy & Hair show number 207. Let’s Go with Everest!

Everest – Let’s Go

This, you head-banging, metal-loving wild ones of all ages, is the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with yours truly, your very own rock jockey, the hardest drinking, horniest, and longest haired radio show host playing on five continents the hardest rock, heaviest metal, and hairiest of hair bands. I’m here right now to deliver to you your very own 2 hours of music on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Thank you for joining me.

This show is going to release the wild thing in you with hits, deep cuts, and rare hair from the likes of Metallica, Def Leppard, Heavy Pettin’, Motley Crue, Kiss, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Shaman’s Harvest, Diamond Head, the Texas Hippie Coalition, Twiztid, Guns N Roses, Dokken, Godsmack, Mr. Big, and more! There’s even a brand new Korn song coming up!

Let’s get the ball rolling with AC/DC. This is “Problem Child” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

AC/DC – Problem Child
Metallica – Enter Sandman

From the so-called Black Album, 1991’s self-titled Metallica album, that was “Enter Sandman”.

I’ve got your first Cover Song of the Week clue ready and waiting, but let’s do a two-shot of 2019 singles first. We’ll start with HorrorCore duo Twiztid and “Magic Spellz” before running “Moonshine” with the Texas Hippie Coalition.

Twiztid – Magic Spellz
Texas Hippie Coalition – Moonshine

The latest from the High in the Saddle LP, that’s “Moonshine” from Texas Hippie Coalition. A lot of my friends in Texas are upset about Whataburger, which the Texas House and Senate declared a “Texas Treasure” in 2001. Earlier in June, the 69 year-old, family-owned fast food chain sold its controlling interest to a Chicago-based investment firm.

[Clip: Blues Brothers]

It’s a real home-town pride gone sour thing.

I understand your pain, Texans. As bad as the Whataburger tragedy is, try to take comfort that you’ve still got the Texas Hippie Coalition, the Cowboys, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, the Alamo, and all those guns.

Ready for your first Cover Song of the Week clue? It’s coming up right after rare hair from Ammunition. From their 2015 self-titled debut album on Frontier Records, this is Ammunition with “Miss Summertime.”

Ammunition – Miss Summertime

Here’s your first Cover Song of the Week clue.

This first clue is the toughest of them, the one for those whose heads are filled with Rock N’ Roll trivia and minutia. There are three salient facts in this first clue.

1. The songwriter was not the original recording artist.
2. The original recording artist is not the band that made the song popular.
3. The popular release holds a unique record.

Let me fill in some detail.

Number 1: The Cover Song of the Week original was written by American songwriter Chip Taylor who also wrote “Angel of the Morning.”

Number 2: The original recording artist asked Chip Taylor to write the song for them. Although they released it, it failed to chart. It wouldn’t be until a year later when the first of many covers came out that the song became popular. It was popularized in 1966 by the Troggs, again, not by the original recording artist or the songwriter.

Number 3: When the Troggs did release the song, the distribution rights were in dispute, and the song wound up being put out by two competing labels–Atco Records and Fontana Records. Both pressings were taken from the original master recording, so Billboard combined their sales numbers. That makes the Troggs’ cover of the Cover Song of the Week the only single in history to reach Number 1 on the Billboard charts for two companies simultaneously.

What was that song? If you know, then you know the song being given the Hard, Heavy or Hairy treatment in the Cover Song of the Week. If you can remember who the original recording artist was, the New York-based band that hired Chip Taylor to write them the song, then you know the original version of the Cover Song of the Week you’ll hear after that Hard, Heavy or Hairy cover later in the show.

More clues–easier clues–coming soon.

Every Hard, Heavy & Hair Show this summer is going to play for you two Motley Crue tunes–one hit, one deep cut or rarity–in a little segment I like to call Cruel CRUE Summer.

Here’s the hit, a song that needs no introduction, although if it were written these days would probably be called “Vaping in the Gender Neutral Bathroom.”

Mötley Crüe – Smokin’ in the Boys Room

“Smokin’ in the Boys Room,” track 2, side A, on 1985’s Theatre of Pain album, and the first single Motley released from that record.

Next up on this Cruel CRUE Summer Motley two-for is a new Crue cut from The Dirt soundtrack. This is “Ride With the Devil.”

Mötley Crüe – Ride With the Devil

Come back next week for another two-fisted Cruel CRUE Summer featuring one Motley Crue hit and one Motley Crue rarity or deep cut.

This is Bon Jovi from New Jersey, well, from the New Jersey album, but the guys from Jersey. “Lay Your Hands on Me.”

Bon Jovi – Lay Your Hands On Me

Bon Jovi leading into rare hair. By request for Colin Rowan in Glasgow, Scotland, this is his hometown mates Heavy Pettin’ with their 1985 single “Sole Survivor” spelled S-O-L-E. This is some super rare hair, here on Hard, Heavy & Hair with me, Pariah Burke.

Heavy Pettin’ – Sole Survivor

Ultra rare hair Heavy Pettin’ by request for Colin in Scotland. Have you got a request or a dedication? Do you want me to dig up some rare hair you haven’t heard in forever? Let me know. Email me at requests AT, message me on Facebook by searching for Hard, Heavy & Hair, or hit me on Insta or Twitter AT PariahRocks.

Time for your second Cover Song of the Week clue.

The Cover Song of the Week is by an unlikely performer–a comedian who recorded a few novelty songs. This week’s Cover Song of the Week is one of his novelty songs, which he released in 1988 and which immediately became an MTV sensation. If you were a headbanger in the late 80s, you undoubtedly know the song because of the music video featuring cameos by some of the biggest Hard, Heavy & Hairy artists of the time including: Jon Bon Jovi with bandmates Richie Sambora and Alec John Such, Slash and Steven Adler, Billy Idol, Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Lee, Poison’s C.C. DeVille, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy, Warren DiMartini, and Robbin Crosby, and Bad English’s Jonathan Cain and Deen Castronovo.

Do you remember that video? Or maybe you remember the comedian-singer returning the favor with appearances in videos for Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart” or Bon Jovi’s “Bad Medicine.” Or maybe you remember this vocal contribution to Babylon A.D.’s “The Kid Goes Wild.”

[Clip: Babylon A.D. “The Kid Goes Wild”]

Or maybe you remember the comedian’s trademark scream as sampled by Anthrax in THEIR parody song, “I’m the Man.”

[Clip: Anthrax “I’m the Man”]

Good luck. Now, there’s “Blood in the Water” with Shaman’s Harvest.

Shaman’s Harvest – Blood in the Water

I’ve got some bummer news about Cinderella, so let’s come into the night singing “Night Songs” after we break the spell, of illusion, with Dokken and “Dream Warriors.”

Dokken – Dream Warriors
Cinderella – Night Songs

“Night Songs” from Cinderella. Fans of Cinderella have been holding out hope for a new album or at least a new tour, but Tom Keifer says to put out that particular candle.

You may remember that Cinderella reunited in 2010 for the Download festival, a rock cruise called ShipRocked, and a dozen or so other tour dates. In 2011, they did the 25th anniversary world tour, then continued to tour in 2012, and did the 2013 and 2014 Monsters of Rock Cruises. Then they went silent. Nothing official was said for three years, until frontman and chief songwriter Tom Keifer told Blabbermouth in 2017, quote, “issues between the band members are beyond repair.” End quote.

This week, Tom confirmed that a Cinderella reunion isn’t likely to happen. It looks like Cinderella is completely done… Buuuut, then so was Dokken, and Guns and Roses, and a few dozen other bands.

In the meantime, you can catch Tom Keifer doing his own thing live and on wax. His second solo album will drop later this year, and he’s on tour through November.

A band that IS still going strong is Britain’s Diamond Head. Formed in 1976, Diamond Head is one of the leading members of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal that also carried Def Leppard and Judas Priest across the Atlantic. Heavy hitters like Metallica and Megadeth often cite Diamond Head as major influence. Lead by original guitarist Brian Tatler, Diamond Head is a new group with Rasmus Bom Andersen on vocals, and is still cranking out new music. The reviews of their new 2019 record, the Coffin Train have been mostly positive. Judge for yourself. This is “Death by Design” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Diamond Head – Death by Design

Original Rockers Diamond Head with their newest single “Death by Design.”

Still coming up is that brand new Korn song, Kiss, God Smack, Mr Big, Contraband, and more, as well as the story behind a Guns N Roses song so controversial, it’s the only classic G N R song left out of last year’s massive Locked N Loaded Box set.

I’ll have that for you after Kiss and Mr Big. Let’s slow it down for a moment with a Cat Stevens cover by Mr. Big. This is “Wild World” off their third album, ’93’s Bump Ahead.

Mr. Big – Wild World
Kiss – Good Girl Gone Bad

“Good Girl Gone Bad,” a deep cut from Kiss’s Crazy Nights LP. It’s a story about a girl Gene Simmons knew in community college, a good girl that went bad not with Gene but with his friend.

Two weeks ago, on Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 205, I played for you part of Duff McKagan’s interview with Yahoo! Music editor-in-chief Lyndsey Parker. They talked about what Duff meant when he wrote

[clip: It’s So Easy].

With the door opened by the “turn around, bitch, I got a use for you” line, Parker asked Duff about the most controversial song in Guns N Roses catalog, a song the band never plays live, a song they’ve all but disavowed. If you bought (or won from me last summer) the Appetite for Destruction Locked N Loaded Box set released one year ago this week, it contains a BUNCH of Guns N Roses music including two discs worth of previously unreleased material as well as the complete Appetite for Destruction album remastered and the ALMOST complete remastered second Guns N Roses album, G N R Lies.

There was one song very conspicuously left out of all editions of the remastered release and box set. It’s the song I’m going to play for you next.

Here, Parker asks Duff about the song and it’s highly charged, controversial lyrics.

[Clip: Duff McKagan interview]

Watch the full 55-minute interview in the show notes on

Keeping in mind that the lyrics are sung from the perspective of a CHARACTER, not Axl or anyone else in the band, and that the lead guitar player on the song is Black, enjoy this original Guns N Roses song in the spirit of Duff’s description. From G N R Lies, this is the full, complete, and uncensored version of “One In a Million” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Guns N’ Roses – One in a Million

Guns N’ Roses “One in a Million,” a track you won’t hear played very often, if ever. If you’re just tuning in to Hard, Heavy & Hair, I played that song after an interview with one of its authors, G N’ R’s bassist Duff McKagan. As Duff noted, the lyrics were written to be from the point of view of a character. Keep in mind that one of the other writers of the song, Slash, is Black. That might help keep the song in perspective.

Let’s continue the fun and frivolity of the 80s and early 90s with supergroup Contraband and “Loud Guitars, Fast Cars & Wild, Wild Livin’.”

Contraband – Loud Guitars, Fast Cars & Wild, Wild Livin’

Are you ready for that brand new KORN track? One last Cover Song of the Week clue for you and then the song is all yours.

As I noted before, the Cover Song of the Week is a novelty or parody cover of the original. Where the original is a sexy love song with lines like “you make everything groovy” and “you make my heart sing,” the cover flips the meaning on its head. Lyrics like “every time I kiss you I taste what other men had for lunch” and “you make my heart scream” are of a very unhappy relationship.

The Cover Song of the Week is right after this brand new cut from KORN. This is “You’ll Never Find Me” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

KORN – You’ll Never Find Me


Did you figure out the Cover Song of the Week?

It was written by Chip Taylor and popularized in ’66 by the Troggs, but they weren’t the first to record it. The original recording artist was the very short-lived Wild Ones who failed to chart with the song. A year later, the Troggs would make it a hit.

A little more than twenty years after that, screaming preacher turned screaming comedian Sam Kinison would record his acerbic parody cover as an 80s Hair Rock track for his Have You Seen Me Lately? comedy music album. His version reached number 18 on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart fueled by a popular music video featuring Sam Kinison rolling around on the matt with Jessica Hahn. The video also contained cameo appearances by a veritable Who’s Who of the 80s LA Rock scene.

Here, without further adieu, and for your entertainment pleasure, is the Cover Song of the Week, Sam Kinison’s variation of “Wild Thing” followed immediately by the original release by the Wild Ones.

Sam Kinison – Wild Thing
The Wild Ones – Wild Thing

“Wild Thing,” I think I love you. And the Cover Song of the Week made me know for sure. That was the original by the Wild Ones following the harder rocking cover by the late, great Sam Kinison.

Speaking of harder rocking, this is Godsmack “Dead and Broken.”

GodSmack – Dead and Broken

You’re listening to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with your dashingly handsome host and producer, Pariah Burke. I am lucky enough to be Pariah Burke.

Seriously, thank you for joining me for this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, show number 2 hundred and 7.

If you missed any part of this show, you can listen again on demand 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, streaming online and mobile from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com. In fact, on, you can listen to more than 1 hundred Hard, Heavy & Hair episodes, including the 2019 Summertime Special, my tribute to Randy Rhoades, the giant-sized 200th show, the Cinco de Mayo drinking fest show, and lots, lots more.

You can stay up for more than two weeks straight without interruption with the Hits, Deep Cuts, and Rare Hair of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Bands from the from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 20-teens by streaming more than 400 hours of the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show from and the MixCloud mobile app.

Come back next week for another all new Hard, Heavy & Hair Show to make you bang your head, stomp your foot, and wail on that air guitar.

Let’s end the show the way we’ve been living it, with the Wild Life. This is Slaughter. I’m Pariah Burke. I’ll see you again next week.

Slaughter – The Wild Life

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