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  • NewL.A. Guns, Godsmack, Beartooth, The End: Machine, Hands Like Houses, Twiztid, Gary Clark, Jr., and Scott Stapp
  • Hits and deep cuts from AC/DC, Skid Row, BulletBoys, Shinedown,
    Warrant, Night Ranger. Hinder, Stone Broken, Kik Tracee, and more
  • What metal icon was once in the band London with Nikki Sixx?
  • Rap Horrorcore from Twiztid
  • A stripper’s nipple piercings
  • The man Frank Sinatra called “the only true genius in show business.”
  • Whatever happened to Creed?
  • The metal star who was almost the T-1000 liquid metal Terminator
  • Pariah gets tied up by his own hair!
  • Announcing the Hard, Heavy & Hair Patreon!


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Cover Song of the Week

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Transcript of the Show


That’s right, and this raucous, rolling, rocking multi-hour party of Hard Rock, Hair Bands, and Heavy Metal is show number One Hundred and Ninety Four, and it’s titled “Metal Health,” and NOT just for this opening song. Bang your head, Hard, Heavy & Hair with drive you mad

Quiet Riot – Metal Health

That was Quiet Riot with their classic anthem “Metal Health.” This is the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, I’m Pariah Burke, and I’m gonna rock ya till it strikes 2-hours. Man, that sucked! I shouldn’t sing when I’ve been drinking this much.

Welcome all you head bangers and horn throwers! My name is Pariah Burke, and I’m your horny hairball host for this, the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. Every week I bring you the biggest and best, the rarest and deepest, the greatest and the latest of hard rock, heavy metal, hair bands, and more from the 70s, 80s, 90s, Aughties, the 20-teens, and the all the way up today.

Thank you for joining me this week. I hope you caught last week’s show, the remix airing of “UK versus US,” show number 167, and, of course, the show before that, the megahit show number 192, titled The Dirt on Motley Crue, which was filled with Motley facts and music that ISN”T in the Netflix film The Dirt, and a few things that are in The Dirt but not accurate. That show is the most popular Hard, Heavy & Hair Show EVER! Radio stations all over the world tell me they had record numbers of listeners tuning in for it, and when the show was posted to for streaming, it was listened to so far 2 thousand percent more than any other Hard, Heavy & Hair episode! And it’s still going!

If you haven’t heard that show, hit where you can stream it free on-demand 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.

I’ll tell you what’s coming up on THIS show after we hear brand new LA Guns and classic Dokken. This is LA Guns with their brand new single “Loaded Bomb.”

L.A.Guns – Loaded Bomb

[sw Deep Cuts]

Dokken – Night By Night

Don Dokken with George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Wild Mick Brown there with deep cut “Night by Night” from the phenomenal 1987 Back for the Attack record. Don is currently touring with a whole different Dokken lineup while the rest of the classic Dokken lineup have formed a new band called The End: Machine with Robert Mason on vocals. You’re going to hear that band’s latest single coming up on the show as well as new music by Godsmack, Beartooth, Hands Like Houses, Twiztid, Gary Clark, Jr., and Creed frontman Scott Stapp. And, before Dokken, you heard the latest from LA Guns from their brand-new album The Devil You Know, which was released just last week, on March 29th. What did you think of “Loaded Bomb”? It sounds just like classic LA Guns, doesn’t it? That sound could easily have come form Cocked & Loaded or Hollywood Vampires. I’m loving how Tracii and Phil reclaimed their original sound while adding more metal.

Also coming up on the show is hits and deep cuts from AC/DC, Skid Row, BulletBoys, Shinedown, Warrant, Night Ranger. Hinder, Stone Broken, Kik Tracee, and much more.

Coming up in just about 10 minutes I’ve got for you brand new Godsmack, but before that your first Cover Song of the Week clue and some more long hair.

The lead singer for this next band was once a guitarist in Ratt. Here’s the BulletBoys with…

BulletBoys – Smooth Up In Ya
AC/DC – Thunderstruck

“Thunderstruck” from AC/DC. My special friend Lori calls that the best AC/DC song ever.

Speaking of best songs… Every week here on Hard, Heavy & Hair we play a game around a killer cover song. In the second hour of the show is the Cover Song of the Week, a Hard Rock, Metal, or Glam cover of someone else’s song from any genre of music. I play for you the cover followed immediately by the original. Leading up to it, I give you hints and clues about the song, the covering artist, and the original recording artist. You try to guess one or all three before I reveal all.

Here’s your first clue, which is always the toughest clue.

Let’s talk about the singer and band leader of the metal band doing the Cover Song of the Week.

He’s a New York native active in music from the mid-70s on. He’s shared the stage and recording studio with Nikki Sixx, and also tried his hand at acting. He made an uncredited cameo in a commercial promoting the film _This Is Spinal Tap_ and was similarly uncredited for an appearance in 1980’s _Can’t Stop the Music_. He was up for the role of the T-1000, the liquid metal Terminator, in _Terminator 2: Judgement Day_ . Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted this singer to play the part, but the singer-actor is 6’4″, and director James Cameron wanted the T-1000 to be of average height, someone who could blend into any crowd. Thus Robert Patrick landed the iconic role.

There’s a lot more to be said about this singer, a singer who is synonymous with his band, but I’ll leave you with this: In recent decades he became a born-again Christian and because of that, refuses to play in concert several of his earlier songs with hedonistic themes, including the F-word-laden song that is one of his band’s biggest hits.

Good luck! More clues soon. The clues get easier as we go.

This is brand new Godsmack, a song that really gets under skin–no pun intended–and tugs hard on the last living cells within my cold, shattered heart. This is “Under Your Scars.” New Gary Clark, Jr follows it. I’m Pariah Burke.

GodSmack – Under Your Scars
Gary Clark Jr – What About Us

A heavier sound from rhythm and blues man Gary Clark, Jr. That was “What About Us,” the second single from his 2019 Warner Bros Records LP This Land.

Here’s more new music. This is “Sick” from Hands Like Houses on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Hands Like Houses – Sick
Mark Morton feat. Chester Bennington – Cross Off (Rock Edit)

Up to number 8 in its 11th week on the Hot Mainstream Rock chart, that’s “Cross Off” by Mark Morton featuring Chester Bennington on vocals.

Let’s do some 80s hair and then I’ve got a funny little story for you about a stripper’s nipple piercings.

Warrant – Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Skid Row – Sweet Little Sister

“Sweet Little Sister” from Skid Row’s debut album trailing Warrant and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

So, you know I broadcast from Portland, Oregon, the coolest city in North America. Seriously. Look it up. You also know I am most nights to be found in or several of Portland’s many all-nude, full-bar strip clubs. You gotta love this city, man!

A few nights ago I was at the KitKat Club with a couple of lady friends. The three of us are sitting at the rail, having a blast competing to see who can get the most attention from the dancers on stage. Some of them liked my friend Jessica best and gave her lots of attention. Others liked my other friend, El, best. And, some of the strippers liked me best. This one dancer, a tall, blonde beauty named Maya, took to me the instant she saw me. She comes over, peels off her bikini top, and reveals gorgeous breasts with pierced nipples. Her piercings had four gold prongs on either side, each terminating in a quarter-karat diamond. Maya pulls my face into her, between her breasts, and bounces them back and forth on my cheeks. If you’ve ever been to a strip club, you know the move. She did it for longer than usual. When Maya goes to pull away, she finds that we’re attached to each other!

My long hair got tangled in Maya’s complicated nipple jewelry, and we were stuck together, my face between her boobs. For a second we’re both surprised, and then we start laughing our asses off. My friends take a moment longer to figure it out, then they start laughing. El literally laughed herself out of her chair and fell on the floor.

Maya, the stripper, was chill with the whole thing and slowly, careful not to pull my hair, starts detangling my long red hair from her gold and diamond nipple piercing. It took about 3 minutes. The whole time we’re chatting and laughing, my friends Jessica and El are laughing, and even the other dancers and patrons are staring if not laughing.

When Maya and I were finally separated, we hugged–careful not to retangle ourselves together–and agreed we both had a fun story to tell. Although I would have loved to get to know Maya even more intimately, it was a graceful and beautiful Asian dancer my friends Jessica and El seduced back to my place.

None of us will ever forget the hilarity of my hair tangled in Maya’s nipple piercings, and I bet she’ll think twice about boob-bopping people with long hair again.

This next track, a killer third-wave glam metal song to strip to, is what was playing at the KitKat Club while all that was going on. This is “Don’t Need Rules” by Kik Tracee on Hard, Heavy & Hair. I’m Pariah Burke.

Kik Tracee – Don’t Need Rules

Kik Tracee, the soundtrack to my hair getting tangled up in a stripper’s nipple piercings a couple of nights ago at Portland’s KitKat Club.

Still coming up is new music by Beartooth, Twiztid, Scott Stapp, and the End Machine as well as Shinedown, Bon Jovi, Hinder, Stone Broken, and plenty more.

Ready for another Cover Song of the Week clue?

Many people think the Cover Song of the Week was originally sung by the 70s hard rock band Humble Pie. My own father cited them as the original recently. But he’s incorrect. The original was released five years before Humble Pie’s version. It’s a song written by Jo Armstead, Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson–the latter two of 80’s Pop duo Ashford and Simpson, who released “Solid.” Remember that?

None of those writers is the original recording artist. The original recording artist is one of the founding pioneers of Soul Music, combining Blues, Rhythm and Blues, and Gospel into his own unique sound for Atlantic Records in the 1950s. So talented was this musician born in Albany, Georgia in 1930, that Frank Sinatra called him “the only true genius in show business.” He would go own to be awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and the National Medal of Arts, and would be inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Foundation and National Black Sports & Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Think you know who it is? See if you’re right on the Cover Song of the Week segment coming up this hour.

ALT Think you know who it is? See if you’re right on the Cover Song of the Week segment coming up.

Let’s do a block of modern Hard Rock and Metal ending in two more new song premieres. Here’s Hinder and Shinedown followed by Beartooth and the End Machine on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with me, Pariah Burke.

Hinder – All American Nightmare
Shinedown – Monsters
Beartooth – You Never Know
The End Machine – Leap Of Faith

Brand new The End Machine, which is the classic Dokken lineup of George Lynch, Mike Brown, and Jeff Pilson with Lynch Mob and Warrant frontman Robert Mason on the mic instead of Don Dokken. That was their latest single “Leap of Faith.” Before that was new Beartooth “You Never Know” making its debut on Hard, Heavy & Hair. Before that was “Monsters” from Shinedown, a song we can all relate to, and Hinder with “All American Nightmare,” a song a lucky few of us can relate to, well, at the cost of deep, meaningful relationships. But who gives a shit, right? As long as I’m having fun.

After all, love is a social disease, right? For you younger listeners, “social disease” is a euphemism your parents or grandparents used to use for sexual transmitted infections, STIs or STDs. Let’s page Doctor Bon Jovi and get a diagnosis.

Bon Jovi – Social Disease
Great White – Never Trust a Pretty Face

“Never Trust a Pretty Face” from Great White’s 1992 Psycho City LP. That was their last record for Capitol Records. Capitol fulfilled Great White’s 5-album contract by putting out The Best of Great White: 1986 to 1992 and said goodbye to the band, who had already departed to work on their seventh studio album, the forgettable Sail Away, the only album they’d put out with Zoo Entertainment Records.

At the same time Great White was flopping with Sail Away in 1993, down in Tallahassee, Florida Florida State University classmates Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti were forming Christian-leaning alternative rock and metal band Creed. Creed, of course, would be a mainstay of Rock and Alternative stations throughout the 90s and early Aughties. Some people loved them, some people hated them. In 2011, Billboard ranked Creed as the 18th best artist of the 2000s while two years later Rolling Stone readers named them the worst band of the 90s.

Stapp and Tremonti, despite their closeness in the early days of the band, grew apart and fought as so many other creative partnerships have. Their differences broke up Creed, though both Stapp and Tremonti have stated in various interviews there IS still a Creed, that the band isn’t done. Meanwhile Tremonti and the rest of Creed form the core of Alter Bridge while Stapp sings fro Art of Anarchy. Both have solo works. You’ve recently heard Mark Tremonti’s work on this show from his band Tremonti’s 2018 album A Dying Machine. Scott Stapp has three solo albums to his name, though one of them won’t be out until July of this year. Premiering now on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show is the first single from Scott Stapp’s third solo album, the upcoming Napalm Records release The Space Between the Shadows. This is “Purpose for Pain.” My name is Pariah Burke.

Scott Stapp – Purpose For Pain
Stone Broken – Save Tomorrow

Stone Broken from 2016’s All In Time LP. That was “Save Tomorrow.”

We’re almost to the Cover Song of the Week. I’ll have your final clue right after a another new track. Twiztid is an American Hip Hop duo from Detroit. With that description you’d think there’s no way you’d hear them on Hard, Heavy & Hair–and you’d be right. But that catalog description of Twiztid is wrong. The duo, Monoxide and Jamie Madrox, the latter of whom takes his stage name from Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, a third-string X-Man in Marvel Comics, sound a lot more like Papa Roach than Post Malone. Twiztid–spelled T-W-I-Z-T-I-D–is rap horror core, as you can tell from their brand new song “Magic Spellz” I’m spinning for you right now on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Twiztid – Magic Spellz

Rap core duo Twiztid with new track “Magic Spellz.” Next up is your final Cover Song of the Week clue.


Both the original recording artist and the covering artist have such distinct onstage personas that merely mentioning their names conjures the same images of them in nearly everyone’s minds. Let’s see if that works in reverse: I’ll tell you the image their names conjure, you see if it brings their names to mind.

The original recording artist is a black, blind, piano man who is perhaps the founder of Soul Music.

The covering band is lead by a singer-songwriter famous for performing in black leather with circular saw blades on his arms.

Think you know who they are? Now, for your Cover Song of the Week prescription to be filled, you just need to figure out the song.


A lot of people think Humble Pie was the first to record the Cover Song of the Week, but the truth is, Humble Pie was the fourth to cover it. Their 1971 rendition came after versions by the Village Callers, psychedelic garage rockers the Chocolate Watchband, and by Nickolas Ashford, who, along with his wife Valerie Simpson and the Ikettes singer Josephine Armstead, wrote the song. The first to record the song, though, was the man who is credited with creating Soul music, the blind piano man whom Frank Sinatra called “the only true genius in show business.” That genius was, of course, Ray Charles.

The covering band is led by a band founded and fronted by a 6-foot-4-tall singer who used to share the stage with Nikki Sixx in their pre-Motley Crue band London. That man is none other than Blackie Lawless, known then as Blackie Goozeman, which makes WASP the band covering Ray Charles’s “I Don’t Need No Doctor.”

Here they are, WASP from 1986’s Inside the Electric Circus LP, doing “I Don’t Need No Doctor” followed by the original version as recorded by the legendary Ray Charles.

W.A.S.P – I Don’t Need No Doctor
Ray Charles – I Don’t Need No Doctor

“I Don’t Need No Doctor” as covered by WASP in 1986 and then the original version recorded by Ray Charles from back in ’66. The Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week.

And here’s Night Ranger from 1982, “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.”

Night Ranger – Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

This is the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with me, Pariah Burke. Hard, Heavy & Hair airs every week on this station at this time and features the biggest hits, deepest cuts, and rarest hair from the entire history of hard rock, heavy metal, and hair bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 20-teens, and today along with timely rock news and awesome trivia every real hard rocking fan needs to know.

If you missed any part of this show you can stream it any past show on-demand from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com.

I’m your host and producer, the hard sexing, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist head banging hellion, Pariah Burke.

Thank you for joining me for this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair. I’ll see you next week right here for ANOTHER all new Hard, Heavy & Hair Show full of new tunes, old favorites, rare hair, another Cover Song of the Week game, and plenty of rock and roll trivia.

If you like Hard, Heavy & Hair, please consider becoming a supporter of the show. Just visit slash PariahRocks to see what cools stuff even a tiny amount of support can get you.

Voodoo Circle is going to play us out with “Higher Love.”

Voodoo Circle – Higher Love

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